My Senior Year - In the Eyes of my Mother

I'm used to seeing my mother smile and be giddy.

But the moment I became a Senior in High School,

Her smile suddenly became non existent.


When I brought a letter home about Senior activities,

She would be happy for just that moment.

And then sadness would come back into the air.


I know that she loves me down inside.

And I'm quite sure it's hard to let go of me

She must realize that I have to make my mark in the world.


It's because of her values and morals that she has taught.

Before I do anything, she will always be in my thoughts.

I promise not to disappoint.


As I embark on this journey, called life.

I will always remember Christ.

Mom, I have learned from the best.

Believe me I will pass this test.





This poem is about: 
My family


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