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you are not my first love, for i have loved before. sometimes i wish it were not true, for then i would be able to hold you higher due to not knowing the pain that is caused by love. 
Such a disaster , I'm passing by With distress to live and get tie My heart says : don't say goodbye But my mind says: let's die! An infinite loop it has made thereby
I Want You To Know, Your The Best, Nothing Like The Rest, Im Going To Pass Every Test You Throw My Way, Regardless Of The Time It Takes, I'm Bound To Show You, I'm Not A Mistake,
Find Another Way: Thomas Edison once said; "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.
My mom says we have to leave our home to a new special places for Jews like us. I don't really understand what she means. We only get to bring a few things but strange men are yelling at us to hurry up. I decide to bring my giraffe.
I am from were momma and daddy say schools not for people like us  I am from were if you talk proper you " Talk white"  never liked that cliché  I am from were sometimes I was forced to fight for what's mine 
Little kids dream big But I dream bigger Kids dream of unicorns and candy Parents dream for their kids to be happy Dogs dream of treats and belly rubs And Soccer players dream for the dubs But I?.. 
You did not come this far, just to come this far keep pushing and never give up.  
when was it? when i had to think about loved ones never coming back when was it? when i had to grow up to help my mom the way she was suppose to help me when was it?
Don’t do it! Don’t you dare look below. The glaring, blinding white of the snow. Stop. Take it easy. Breathe in then out. Slow down a minute, just find a new route.  
I see you hiding behind the pain  black eyes on your face but you're saying "I'm okay" no person deserves that inflicted pain upon their face
Why can't you see that I'm okay? Why do you keep trying? Why do you turn away? Why must I keep lying? Why do you even ask? When you know, I'm hiding behind a mask.
It all starts with laughs, hopes, and dreams. But then, she slaps you with lonesome.
Dear life to be lived you’re a stranger The life I have lived left me numb Beatings and insults brought anger But t’was when I gave up that they won   Dear life to be lived am waiting
They say we're the broken generation  I say we're the cause of their lack of adoration Sometimes they don't careAnd life's never really fair
Life as it goes , Might not be easy  But hold on tight  Let that light shine on bright    Life as it goes ,  Let it be ,for you shall seek Maybe in a week  you'll see Don't become weak 
Because I love you  I tell you my darkest truth You and me, sitting on a booth The lights are out I lean in close Your smell an intoxicating dose It gives me the courage Until you look away
The meaning of love,  Often visualized as doves,  Flying through the skies, Going above doubt and lies.   But we each have our own definition, Whether we're tied into submission,
Because I love you, I will never hold you back, only push you further. Because I love you, I will never stop trying to keep our relationship strong. Because I love you, these 1,500 miles that are in between us will not be enough to break us.
I’ve trained to continue running when it hurts the most. Never giving up on my goals. Showing others that the impossible can be possible. People inspired and motivated as they watch.
I used to be alone - locked out and then locked in; and after days of patient searching return home lonely once again.   I used to be afraid-- to risk the venture of a hand;
  I am a wildflower. My seed was planted in the depths of tainted soil, left to prosper among a hollow meadow. As I germinate, the essence of gloom familiarizes itself, striving to stunt my growth.
Nowhere to go and no friends to roam the streets   Hoping that someone will find out Find out that you have been carrying a lie That smile on your face everyday
On my lone(some) Who knows where On an island Bring one thing there   Really, I'd bring a knife If I had to stay there   Joking aside, Something in mind Close to my soul
There isnt a person that cant change, One event can forever alter your world, It can be something that you least expect, A person you love, a stranger, or someone you respect  
I'm brave, I'm strong, and I will fight I will give it all my might  No matter the struggles in life  I will keep going and I will fight  Even at my lowest I keep my head held high In the end I will rise 
I sat up one night, and decided to walk into a white house.
A Day unto which a child was born A child who held in his hand
Times can go down hill Times can go up hill 
I know I'm not the bestBut I'm not the worstI know that I'm blessed
When I look at you I don’t just see some sad, lost girl, I see someone beautiful, who makes my world melt when she smiles, I see someone whose laugh just makes me want to laugh right along with you.
                       Who I really am       A girl in her own world. So absorbed in it  that someone may mistaken her for being disabled.  So infused it can be hard to come out of it at times. 
when I dance I feel every movement that body creates When I dance
He held the gun close to his head."I just want to be dead"
I want to be remembered   I am aspirannt , determined and driven. I am a young lady with goals and a dream.
3 years ago I came back home,             unable to function on my own.
A tear, a whisper A shout, a cry No one seems to hear No one is by your side.   Everyone is oblivious until it's too late, Another angel has been sent back too soon.  
You can't see the part of me I'm most proud of. The part of me that got up and said, "I can do this." The part of me that want's to be shown off to everyone. This part of me is only seen a few times a year.
I see a glass half empty, empty? isnt that bad?
 I'm always the First to come and last to leave because I am a  Leader in a world of followers who live life on social media I'm
Everything you feel, it's all in your mind Overwelming thoughts leads one to be blind The danger is real, but fear is a choice Save yourself from all of that noise
The girl you see before you now, is not the girl i've always been I owned one pair of shoes, that i promosied i'd never lose my hair was long, but hardly ever done, while in school I was always number one,
Stop! Don't think,Just breathe,It's over,He's gone,He can't see you cry,     Deep BreathStop: the tears,The lies,The pain,The regret,The blame,     Deep Breath
I've always told myslef to be strong    But what do I do on those days when the tears total to a tsunami; overflowing and chaotic, unable to control  
There was never a prettier woman than Hope, She'd come gallantly along To pull you from the slums In which you resided for so long Take you under her warm arms And make you forget all of things fowl
One left, my heart died As it broke my trust on love One came, my heart lived My heart learned to love again Gently piled my trust once more   The heart can be taught,
I feel your presence, when the grass shakes a shiver That’s when everyone hides and everyone covers You paint sinister lines over clouds of silver
Even if you don't make It with high test scores and grades Keep your head up high!
Music uplifts the strings on my guitar,Hockey uplifts the puck on my stick,Education uplifts the knowledge in my head,Preparedness uplifts the opportunities in my life,Work uplifts the money in my pocket,
I'm going for the top I got it on lock Its no crock I'm sturdy as a rock That will never crumble like a stock This is why I have a flock They would follow me around any block So don't be in shock
They say that the pen is mightier than the sword; But the only blood that can be spilled is from the writer herself, The battles waged are those within, And the King served is one unknown. Shrouded and covered.
Darkness circles the area of the box I'm in! Them, they only see me standing there in glory, open space, with a smile as bright as sin,
Cut your hair boy, Why are you bald.. you are a girl. You do not meet expections, but it isn't you, it is just the world... Yes hunny it is ugly.
I am not going to explain the scars on my wrist Or size of my waist to the ratio of my hips. I’m not going to apologize for the way my ribs protrude
Ballin on a budget My struggles ill never forget Everyone saying Ill never make it A vision that keeps me persistent $1 biscuit keeps me fed Little by little one two step Ballin on a budget
Strength. Patience. Faith. Courage.
Don't judge us because of how we look Just because were young doesn't mean we can't read a book You judge, yet we live our lives the best we can But through your eyes all you see are kids who don't give a damn
Education is the summation of the efforts of the imaginationit starts with a simple registrationThen you learn about legislation putting your mind in isolation
4 years ago i thought, "i will never make it", i almost gave up, but instead i faked it,   I was so depressed, nothing inside, but my friends gave me hope, and i decided to try,  
I want you to prove them wrong I want you to show them you're the one I want for everything to be ok I want to be able to say That I'm proud you did it I'm proud you did it on your own  
      I was already broken when you found me, A soft spoken girl who forgot who I could be. Not a choice that I made, but one thrust upon me,
A moment A sound, a silent message They remind of the dreams we had The dreams now gone We dreamt of happiness for all We dreamt of what could not be We dream of futures for all
  He had the ability to brighten my day with just one smile,
My 87 grandmother has been through a lot. She’s had five different cancers, Multiple tumors, intestine troubles, and a stroke. She lost all control of her body, time after time. But she never gave up.
Unspoken words are grotesque                                                                                  
Let me get it out there, we are all fear something. Some of us fear rejection by our companions, others fear being proven wrong.
  It was an instant goodbye I began to cry I lost a friend  Oh Dear God, why?  
I push and I push,
Since they're older, they think they know what's best. But when asked the questions, they couldn't pass the test. It's hard enough to make it in this world, Without their input on our dreams being curled.
your life is as refreshing as water it doesn't always seem that way. you think of where to go and the endless amount of water in the ocean can almost a + d + d up the tears you've shed. you
My tears are like fire, they burn down my ruined face. Leaving a trail of lost desire,
I will break away. I will break away from the walls that hold me. I will break away. I will break away from the lies they've told me.
welcome to the world, baby see the light of the sun in the sky? but theres some things you must hear now... were not to different, you and i.   welcome to your life, baby
Spreading, It'll never stop. It's only a matter of time, pop, He's gone. In just one blink, In just one second, In just one moment, He's gone. Cancer, the one thing I will defeat,
 When we rise in anyway, everything around us rise as if, the sun shine around us, saying we are the ligth, which one day,  will ligth it our path to succes, just following those deligthful colors which have infinity gloriness.
Seek out the meadows             Upon this day             Into the night             Come out upon my sight             As silent as a ghost            
It's my life, my passion, my one true love. My soul, my escape, it's me. I feel it in me, running through me, through my veins and in my blood. It's music. It's my cello.
O, Jesus, not in vein but with respect Wine appearing out of such basics What a miracle they must have witnessed Did it come with a side of swine
Constant tapping echoes through the night In my head, the throbbing increases Then I awake to a blinding light That shatters into a thousand pieces   My heart pounds with incredible might
When all you have left, Is faith What is left, When all faith is lost?
Joy He gives, Everlasting life comes through Him alone,
My Page My page lies motionless as you hover above About to descend, you grip your pen with strong desire Careful not to tear my tenderness with your touch
Gushing life. Dripping in crimson Raindrops bestow forth from the grey The sparkle in Your eyes betrays so much more I look up at You as You cry out from pain   Pieces of iron in hand and in foot
Many of us have doubt when we see that God is taking too long to answer, many of us do not seek the kingdom first and wonder why all the other good things aren't coming we tend to lean on our own understanding which means not Trusting in the Lord
They always say what you cant not what you can please dont tell me what i cant see because the vision is clear clear as stars billion of miles away i think i'll visit them today
Do not ever give up
 It's January 1, 2014 and the world is busy making resolutions, plans and anything one will on this day, a reflection or two can come to mind as the memories still stay. School, family, working all day and night, enough incoming stressers life br
Where is this, 
I go to school to become smart and get an education, Not to listen to your secular points of views, and condemnation.  
Recumbent here I lie
You say you love me yet I don't see it on your face, seeing and believing are two very different things,  if you love me I promise it will not be a mistake, through snowy winters and summer rains, 
You can be the difference. You can be the change. You can be the helping hand. You can save the day. You can mend the heartache. You can dry the tears. You can be a lifeline.
I remember the fire that licked at your heels, The taunts, the beatings, the pain, A wall that reached out with open arms, Breaking not only you But your potential, your dreams And everything that,
A woman of Black gold, gave birth to an olive child, Strong and mighty was she to stand by a father who stood to just pretend. Made sure her little peice of hope in this world was warm, fed, and fast asleep everynight
Is this it? I have to find my purpose. I can't sit. I think about what God wants me to do. Why things happen, and what I been through. I know there's more. While men and women are at war. I'm alone fighting myself.
With grace and power she stands there Light soothing hands with a maternal touch Gentle eyes that cut through glass and fair hair that falls upon her shoulders Dependable, she is everyone's crutch   
Momma always used to say, “God laughs at the plans you make.” But that was just a chance I had to be willing to take.   Empathetic, kind-hearted, containing the true values of life
I once met love at the front door! And, when I glaced it's direction Love, beautifully, smiled back at me. That was love. My first sight! I became instantly drawn to love.
  Please, tell me what you have planned For me Tell me how You know me Better than I know me. Please, tell me more Tell me more Guide me down the Path That is right for
Rooms, Inescapable prisons, That present our Feeble minds with Conforming individuals, Unfavorable probability, Discomfort. Rooms, Incase emotions. While hallways,
when the Sun is alive so am I the unimaginable dream is mine fog will remain in my path but fire in my eyes, boldly. there is a dawn that rises unshakeable and endless like the core of soul
You follow coincidence down the path of least resistance Your decisions dictated by circumstance Your every move driven by nature and nurture It is not too late To live intentionally
There was once a world of simplicity and tranquility But man has robbed us of that ability Progression is the obsession of today’s generation When will we learn the needed forms of interrogation
We are a fast food generation, and in love with instant gratification, facing complete and utter annihilation, erasing the very blood line of the planet, look I get it, it’s easy to go to foreign countries to rape the world for its oil
Keep moving. They'll push you down and they'll put up a fight. Keep moving. They'll leave you broken and beaten. Keep moving. They'll laugh at your dreams and feed your fears. Keep moving. Until you find the one. Then stay.
So I keep pushing through..a door with the words "trials and tribulations" written across to let me in on the other side. I wont back down so I keep pushing through. Graduation is now over. Time to get ready for college.
Adorned with dark brown skin The constant teases as if it was a sin A Sin that my melanin was a little more defined
All their voices tell me I fell, Tripped myself while wading in mud. My heart only craved to be known. For agonizing lengths of time I'll have to endure The piece of me that is alone.  
I stare at your glowing face in the light of the moonI wonder where it is the person I loved has goneWhat has happened to our loveI also look into the space where your heart,the heart which beat so strong and true, 
Is it really worth it? The heartache the pain that you leave behind. Is it really worth it? A mother who has to bury a child, do you really want that? Can you see what you will cause?
Why I write? I write because you told me to Because you encountered history and literature but never met a pen or page
  Why did you have to love me? I can promise you that it’s nothing against you. But, I turn away because I keep love close, maybe too close, and I think that I will only remember and love you.
                                                        The earth laughing in flowers                                                          The ocean singing a lullaby.
Entitled: Najarri Samuel Whitehead But that's all you read. Skipped past the prologue, and examined the pictures. So in reality you only saw the happiness, the joy. Never walking the heartache and pain.
My biggest fear will never visit me Never will I allow myself to fall in To cave in, to wither, to fall. For I will stand as strong as a weeping willow. In the darkness he lurks, always behind me.
In a world of darkness, Subtle waves pulse agaisnt my skin. My lungs feel tight and cramped, My heart slamming against my ribs with brutal force Working against the lack of oxygen.
As I write to whats to come Some say fate others destiney I wonder what may happen later For my eternity   Maybe it'll be gnomic Maybe it'll be an incubus For what the future holds atonomy
Day by day The sun rises and the sun sets The stars glisten and the animals are at rest All you do is just wonder, wonder what brought me here That of course is logical, your parents
I don't how much more I can take. You're bending me until I break. You're making me get closer to the ledge. Soon I'll be falling off the edge. Hitting the ground. I will lose all sight and sound.
blood clusters in a lust massive starvation to the heart slow beats of death pound; reaching the finale no time to waste on love murderous love led to blood barely moving as short breaths weap out
  I once was lost, I felt alone in this world and empty, I felt like life was not worth the cost, My insides were hollow, And my heart feeling hefty, Why to live? What do I have to give?
If you really knew me. You wouldn't believe the words coming out my mouth. Because what you are about to hear is to cruel for a human ears. But i want dare tell a soul. Not because they didn’t ask.
If you really knew me. You wouldn't believe the words coming out my mouth. Because what you are about to hear is to cruel for a human ears. But i want dare tell a soul. Not because they didn’t ask.
Every minute I sleep I feel them escape I got dreams to chase Funny..I should be sleeping to see dreams But I rather be awake When I finally reach where I want in life the moment I could take
I'll never hear a guy say I'm beautiful, because who would look at me and see beauty? I'll never hear a guy say I'm smart, beacuse who would go out with me for my brains?
Bullies don’t understand how I feel, They do not try to comfort, But instead, confidence they steal. All bullying seems to do is distort. My soul is burning, I need to run. To me it is concerning,
Hey little child, why so sad?Did someone make you feel bad?Picking on you because of your looksOr just because you’re better than them?
You told me you loved me  You told me you cared You came in my life  And taired it in pairs  The bruises the confusion. You tried to break me, But you can't shake me
Telling your Brain not to Trust your Eyes Broken by Silence, Screaming so Loud Sounds of Fear, Touch of Pain Lies, in the end a Glorious Death Cutting of Flesh, Steal feels Divine
I walk down the street With pain tearing my heart. It feels like I have a hole, pierced by a dart. It starts to rain.
One slip up on the mic And now your a clown A target for mockery and a face bright with shame Your career is a trap Every word criticized with the utmost ignorance waiting to be ended in a wrap
In the beginning I walk, head held high. A b O
Bullying Is Wrong But Yet People Don't Care For It So Why Do I Care? Because I Was A Victim .....
I was to be in the middle holding both of your hands ….. to swing. childhood was hard for me was to understand .. leading me... to forever dream.. that one day... ..maybe someday on a Birthday,
I welcome you to the world, my friend, and know you're on a mission. But I must tell you something, so please, I ask, just listen. CONGRATULATIONS! You're time has come! I know you worked so hard!
Words are the bullets but my mouth is the trigger. Test Me! Speak the cold truth and never a burning fire of a lie. This is who I Be I Am the Nine. The mindset of a Glock ready to cock back and release the painful truth.
Life took his leave Optimism stabbed me in the back Perseverance didn't want to stay and Pride just seemed lost. all that was once whole now laid in bits and pieces damaged and near impossible to fix
Stars in his eyes, the sun in my sky. A man for the world to like, my Uncle Mike. He's the strongest hero, stands taller than the trees he climbed. A Godfather that I so thankfully called mine.
Kind and Caring never daring Was the good, ole' lord Was never creeping nor barely ever weeping Was our good, ole' lord, He wasn't prideful He was just very humble
Take a deep breath and brace yourself. Take your steps 'til accomplishment is felt. Move ahead three steps at a time or what works best for you. Don't ever stop or miss your cue, because success doesn't move without you.
Chasing the banner But the race never ends I manage a smile, engage in banter Yet there is turmoil deep within I have a fire, an eternal flame That refuses to burn out
Heavenly Flight I wish I could write exactly what I saw As I peered out my little window the soft orange glow pierced through the clouds like fire flies The stars all in place quietly buzzing about over head
Finding yourself speaking, but there is no-one around to hear those beautiful thoughts, the fact that the room around you is bare, leaves the mind to ponder if you're there at all. Blasphamy
here it goes… right out the window watching it explode tempation creeps hard but you don’t really know trying to say stop while your body says go your mind screaming yes
~The Good thing About It the good thing about life is we can learn everyday we all make mistakes but those things fade away life is just a maze, and we’re trying to find our way but the Bible says the path is straight
I'm stuck in this moment but just for right now It won't last forever It ain't bringing me down One of these days yeah I'm gonna blast past It'll happen so fast In the blink of an eye
Her heart is blue, Bruised by lies, She has been hurt so many times, The pain can be seen within her eyes.
I cannot control the ocean waves, nor turn the hands of Father Time. I cannot see the future, or take what is not mine. I do not know what lies ahead, but I know I’ll be just fine.
pain and fear of rejection cloud my hear and my mind. What do i do? what do i say? how do i tell you i love you?
Pain coarsening though my veins a sweet release with in my brain as the pain gets stronger and the blood starts to flow i know whats going to happen if i continue down this road but it's to late to late to turn back i can feel myself slipping away
A 'ray of hope'? B.S. 'Rays' of hope can only be seen. That's what someone else has, that one might observe. This isn't necessarily seen. No, for me this is only felt. Swings to and fro.
Pages of glossy white paper A single canvas onto which I am supposed to magically fit Four years of heartache and laughter, Love and friendships On to shiny pages
I wake up with a mission every day, To make my dreams come true, To try something new. To accomplish my goals and avoid all the holes, I don’t want to fall; I want to stay tall. Call me a dreamer,
I picked up my pen today; It felt good to let the stress flow With every stroke and line finished, I began to breathe easier Many young teens now smoke, cut or drink but I will write and pray
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