My Mind

Such a disaster , I'm passing by
With distress to live and get tie
My heart says : don't say goodbye
But my mind says: let's die!
An infinite loop it has made thereby

How hell would be? makes my mind mystify
But i think it's like mind of my
Oh misery , oh agony , oh cry!
Storms in my chest arises high
Darkness and clamour when unify

The cold shoulders i was given by
And the way they turned a blind eye
In the moments i thought i will die
As i passed many years in this cry
Now i can say No love, No life, No die

I survived this pain and never gave up on try
With my pen, I did outcry
As long as I live, I will defy
Always in heart ,the hope must occupy
I still hope do you know why?

All those afflictions gave me an eye
To know empathy , to know how to fly
Taught me life after every die
Those gifts of pain how could I deny
That is why I will live and try


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