My Page

My Page

My page lies motionless as you hover above

About to descend, you grip your pen with strong desire

Careful not to tear my tenderness with your touch

You stroke your ink across my smooth paper

Searching, exploring, discovering

Tracing with the imprint of your pen

Mistakes of my past lovers crossed out

As you fill my emptiness with your expert caress

My page explodes with lines of lust for you.

When your pen finishes the last line

You crease my page with careless folds

Discarded like a letter and thrown out

A flag at full mast signals my departure

Addressed to the arms of a new lover

Your face forever stamped on my heart

Labeled with the fate of return if I am lost

 Tumbled and tossed in a sea of other letters

I find a new pen to erase the hurt

My seal is reopened and a new page begins.

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