Reach for the Stars

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 18:12 -- ssj2u


Do not ever give up

Because the Devil is always lurking.

I'd rather see you finish school

Then to make a living off twerking.


Everybody is unique

In their own special way.

Why not finish school

When you don't even have to pay?


When classes get too hard

You don't drop out of high school.

Because things will only get harder

You'll learn how life can be so cruel.


So it's best to follow your dreams

Since it reminds you of why you're living.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Unless it is the Lord's bidding.


You have to have faith in yourself

Even if you're the only one.

Because who wants to be an easy target

If you knew everyone had a gun?


When reaching for the stars

Some might attempt to shoot you down.

As long as you stay true to yourself

You will one day earn the crown.


Getting your high school diploma

May not always seem like a prize.

But the feeling of walking across that stage

Could be considered a blessing in disguise.


It feels like you won first place

Competing to reach that moment.

Looking back at the competition

It's funny... you were your own opponent.


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