… And now for the rest

It all starts with laughs, hopes, and dreams. But then, she slaps you with lonesome. She Drags you into a tragic abyss, buries your confidence six feet under and tops it off with a tombstone that reads


 “Here lies hopes, dreams, happiness, and peace,”


If you expected mercy, you found the wrong one. For she doesn’t carry the word ‘mercy’ in her blood. Only a ruthless aggression similar to that of natural selection.


She keeps running. Dashing in and out of people's lives, it always ends in a loss. She truly is unstoppable, it wouldn’t benefit you to challenge her. No matter how strong you are the victory has already been made out to her and only her. So here lies your task. You can’t leave her, you can’t start over, you can’t do anything accept to live with her and try to be happy. Even though she can decide when it stops without you being ready.


Does it sound difficult? I’d be surprised if it didn’t. You’ll get used to it if she allows it. Her name is Life and time is her weapon of choice.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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