For you, I will

I sat up one night, and decided to walk into a white house.

I was screaming, in a trance, the ghost of another life was placed in my hands.

Who was this girl? Was she what I was? Was she who I was?

I wanted to crawl out of my bones, and be done with myself.

Leave me alone.

Let me go, into the blood stained fields.

It was too much, so I decided to fall into a deepness.

I waited until the only entity I could see, took me up into her grasp.

Held me in the darkness, and told me she loved me.

Made me dawn dew, so that I could feel the chill of daybreak.

The sun wrapped me up, swinging impervious light everywhere.

The sky laid over me like the hands that laid over my back, beckoning me, trying to engulf me.

I was so cold

I was burning up

I was a child, but I was endlessly weaving, lamenting for the moon with my tears.

It was only until I found that battered soul in myself, that I chose to love it fiercely.


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