talk to your children and maybe theyll be less sad

welcome to the world, baby

see the light of the sun in the sky?

but theres some things you must hear now...

were not to different, you and i.


welcome to your life, baby

full of color and smiles and sighs

but be careful, baby, please understand

it can be a slow demise.


here is your self worth, my love

and fragile it may be

please cling to it with all your might

please promise this to me...


here is your self love, my darling

something that usually fades year after year

but baby, done end up like the rest...

dont hate yourself, my dear.


this, dearest child, is a razor; sharp

please dont touch it with intentions of harm

some have been there, some get stuck there too...

a clean heart needs a clean arm.


hate, my child, is a comman thing

as powerful as love can be 

but dont ever fall to its momentus strength

those who do may never be free...


life is hope verses bleak hopelesness    

and one side will always win

there will be a point where you cant fight anymore

but hold on to the good that had been.


baby, the world is full of sunshine and laughter

if you take the right paths all the same

but never let hope stop butning in your soul...

dont let harsh times ever quench that flame.



Great advice!

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