I am , so were I’ll go

I am from were momma and daddy say schools not for people like us 

I am from were if you talk proper you " Talk white"  never liked that cliché 

I am from were sometimes I was forced to fight for what's mine 

I am from were I was my brothers keeper our that's your behind 

I am from sleeping on the floor to sharing a bed with my sister till we were 13 

I am from were all we had to eat were cup noodles 

I am from were we lie about our age to get on the bus we couldn't afford 

I am from were we are told don't ask for nothing in the store, it hurt momma she couldn't get what we want 

I am from washing are clothes out by hand ringing them out burning my palms 

I am from were struggling builds "character" but it hurts 

I am from were women are tought their worth 

I am from were dad was just a thought and a memory sometimes 

I am from were all the kids tease you for sharing your sister clothes 

I am from were if you don't do what you told you punished no lesson is given 

I am from do what your told don't ask no questions even if you thought it was wrong 

I am from were I was told I had children to young and now my life was over 

I am from were a better life is considered something we could never have 

I am from A lot of things but none of them can break me I write the story 

I can go on and on about were I'm from but that's not who I will become our were I'm going 

Now I never choose to give up 

Now the single mother who got her GED in one month

Now I don't let anyone's word stop me 

Now I choose to not listen to those story's 

Now I won't let my past break me 

Now I will show my family anything is possible

Now I choose to show them we can have a good life to  

Now I go to school and show my kids thing I never knew 

Now I tell my children they're never a burden, instead inspiration 

Now I find ruins in remains in every situation 

Now I Don't stop till I get were I'm going 

Now the possibility's are endless 

It's not about  were you are from in life it's about were your going

never give up even if your lonely

Thats all you need to write your story 









This poem is about: 
My family
My community



I hope my poem can inspire people to understand that no matter what knocks you down in life you can get back up and be stronger each time. Your mistakes and failures do not define you your reactions to them do. 

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