Life's Brand New Helping Hand

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 11:30 -- kcorrea

Don't judge us because of how we look
Just because were young doesn't mean we can't read a book
You judge, yet we live our lives the best we can
But through your eyes all you see are kids who don't give a damn
Sure you may have it hard, but don't you think we do too
Because most people don't accept the things we do
Sure we act tough, strong, and big on the outside
But we cry and sometimes die on the inside
You could do what you want because it's really up to you
But I ask you to be supportive in all the things we do
Were usually misjudged because of the things we may say
But how would you know if we are to live another day
I always think of those who took their life over misjudgment
When all they needed was a little encouragement
They tried to live the best that they could
But you told them to live the way that you would
You made and set up an evil trap
Which made them feel like their life was nothing but crap
But I stand here before you
To finally show you
That you should be seeing
What they were actually feeling
They wept these invisible tears
Because of all their horrible fears
But I have the ability to see these invisible tears
And I can sense what their heart truely fears
I look at these people and give them my hand
So that they can finally understand
That death isn't the way out
All they need to know is what friendship is all about
I will always stand
By those who felt banned
I'll reach out with my magic helping hand
And sow them a brand new life strand
I'll talk with them
Hug them
And make them all truely see
That their life is really important to me


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