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When I was born you were next to me, Then I grew and you gave me your hand, I remember your look,your dreams, your eyes shined they could talk. Something happened that Autumn your laughter was lost
Going into the dark chambers of your mind Where the voices whisper The hands claw Waking up in a cold sweat Gasping for breath Longing for air No, you won't go back there
I can see it all. The downfall of men. The inevitable destruction of all we once held close.   There is nothing we can do, but watch.   Watch as all the hope, comforts,
When I was younger You taught me one thing "hate is a strong word"
I wait I sit there and wait as life passes me by Still wishing that it could all be a joke Time heals all wounds is a famous lie You just learn to cope I'm waiting
I want to make you moan Alyssa But the Smile on your face keep my heart warm I want to do the things Picasso was not doing Spray and pray and everywhere you look is red ink But somebody already leggo'd your eggo
I go to school to become smart and get an education, Not to listen to your secular points of views, and condemnation.  
Liar, Liar pants on fire   “Mama,” her body began to spark more and more with each step “I’m going to Emily’s house,” her eyes began to glow hungry for fuel
We tiny seedsAre nurtured with loveMothers plant usWith shovels and gloves Mothers pull weedsFor more room to growAnd mount us to stakesTo lean on in snow
 In the night, you scream with fright you hold your breath all too tight, for in the night, lurk shadows of the past, you remember of those gruesome nights, you try to fight those scary dreams,
I am from the southern part of Dayton, Ohio. I am from my dad and granddad because my dad has anger management And because my grandparents didn't want children, And when I was born I was real sensitive on the inside
She squats in the sand pit molding mountains and valleys with her tiny hands, her fingers clumsily try to grasp the grains then in frustration let them fall, instead she looks to the mangled barbie doll with its coarse blond hair and sharpie-endur
This is what I do  This is who I am
All their voices tell me I fell, Tripped myself while wading in mud. My heart only craved to be known. For agonizing lengths of time I'll have to endure The piece of me that is alone.  
Gambling is a sin, so never begin, Money madness makes it more maniacal, Stacks against itself the odds of real success, It should see it’s blessed, learn to rest well, Don’t send yourself to hell,
College What a wonderful place College Ain't no easy phase You have to pay for days on days There's a problem you see That's not just for me How do we pay it? I'm not the first to say it
                             A mind tied in knots and it cannot be set free! It is like everything is arising in distress, filled with anger, hatred, and revenge.                              The world constantly becomes a blur.
There was once a world where we wallowed we'd fallen into a dark, cold hole when we wake, all around us are children like us Hand in hand they walk towards a tumbling city
They bit the apple on the tree and I smoked its leaves. Yet, the sins I committed outside my body weren't enough for me. I kissed her lips and touched her skin. I cut my flesh for my dead spirit within.
I pray that love sets me free and though im blinded by hate, love overcomes me. I pray that one day I learn to live so that I wont be afraid to die and that there remains many reasons in this world for which I will never have to cry.
                                                                                I envy Gemini. I envy Orion. I envy Virgo.
I can't be pretty. I'll never be beautiful. I'll never matter. Take my hand and squeeze As hard as you can so I Won't feel my heart break.
Transfixed by my own gaze, I see not who I am, but what I have become. unhappy with this site, I caring on in a daze What I see makes me feel dumb. I am concerned with where my mind has gone
Love A simple word, with many definitions. A simple word, a greater mission. A smile, a handshake, a hug. Simple actions, a simple proposition. Spread the word and find repetition.
What do you think when your not with him? Or does he even cross your mind? What does it feel like when you hear him call someone else your name? Or does it even effect you?
Little girl six years old Watching her father walk away Little girl so sad and alone Looking for a way to understand
Try it. When your thoughts are gonna' blow. When you want to cut and see the blood go. Put a pen in hand, and a paper in front. Start to write with your frustration and gut.\Write a poem, write a song.
Loneliness isn't a weapon Yet it causes pain to stir. Loneliness isn't contagious Yet it's exposed in almost all. Loneliness isn't difficult Yet it's seems hard to solve.
Look! Look! Look! Brown, hazelnut eyes Shutter and shift accordingly As long, unorthodox lashes brush away dust mites Teeth yellow growing green Tongue hairier than the green goblin's spleen
There she is, thy majestic siren whose allowing gaze drags the sea man forth. To thee does he fall in unparallel emotion, the heart that reeks of putrefied lust. A beautiful creature but no less powerful than the devil himself.
They promise so much Yet give so little They promise a shoulder Onto which you cry They promise an ear Into which YOU would never lie.
(poems go here) The moonlight is so bright, so peaceful, so simple. A heavy cloak of black attacks and quickly engulfs the powerful gem of Silver, reminding her that pure bliss can be shattered at a moment’s notice.
You beckon to me Like a lighthouse beckons To a ship long lost at sea. You fills these chambered walls with dread, Calling in the darkness, Where few men dare to tread.
It's really odd how one can go from looking healthy to the frail ball that lay asleep now. So called treatment causing blonde hair to fall out in clumps, features to look sunk.
My back is aching, my throat is burning, my chest is tight, my toes are cramping. Copy it. Paste it. No plagiarism No vandalism No sleep No shame Just type, you have a scholarship to gain
As we grow up our hearts grow colder, with every beat we become older. Before we know we have wasted our lives in foolish things that are not even worth our time.
Where do you see the sun rise in a sea of sinking sand- When the hand of God is closed and death is so close to being a demand? It's warmth beats down, taking its prize Shouldn't it not be so much of a surprise
Do you believe that im telling you the truth? Do you trust that i would never try to hurt you? Do you think that i left you to be mean? Do you ever wonder what life could have been like if you didnt do that?
I believe that you're special. I believe that when you hear my voice you smile. I believe that your heart skips when you see me. I believe you love me. I believe that you know you were wrong.
Every song I hear Reminds me of you. Fast, fun songs Are your energy and happiness. Slow, calm songs are Are your warm, loving hugs That you enclose me in Whenever I need you. Love songs
It felt like summer when we loved. As you talked it turned to fall. When you walked away it turned to winter. I stood in shock. The air around me turned to frost. My blood turned to ice.
Why try? Why care? Why love? Nothing ends happily. The world is dark And painful And you're all alone. No one wants you. No one wants to see you. Other things are more important.
The darkness encircled me. The pain, overwhelming. The way that we used to be, Babe, its disbanding. The flowers and cards. Love notes and smiles. Babe, everything's hard. Now, it's defiled.
Thoughts for you Serenade me with your song By Him, through you Gave me a word, changed my heart New inspiration you brought to my life New hope I have found
We miss your voice We miss your touch We miss your words We miss you much Your beautiful blue eyes Everything a joke The color of the skies Your playful, little poke
There is beauty at the bay And as the waves crest You need to blow your sorrow away. When they crash, feel the spray And enjoy the sun set to the west That’s what grandma would say.
Drinking in the morning light, aren't I lucky just to be alive? Breathing in the fresh cool air, no moment can be left to spare; for the grass will wilt, and the sky turn gray,
your pain, your thoughts, your dreams can never be replicated. your joy enlightens others even though you have grown and matured. life goes so quickly, don't wish it away.
Is it so hard to believe, For what you cannot see nor hear Is it so hard to believe That you can be touched by a spirit that is not their Is it so hard to believe If you close your eyes
Too young to understand too naïve to comprehend But you’ve sold me short. You’ve pulled the wool over your own, building up the walls of your fort.
My hand shakes as I write. Lines and curves. Quivering like a crisp leaf, as the calm before the storm dissipates. I have so. Many. Questions.
These bones are weak. They are frail and wispy. They are fractured, snapping as they break.
You fear what you don't understand. But then you learn the language and discover what you've missed. Like a child looking at a legendary work of literature or art. It is impossible to appreciate if you can not comprehend.
I am a man, a walking story told from back to front Single moms, beat dads, kids with issues they don’t want Writing rhymes just to make a tone-deaf voice heard Without the fame and fortune, no one listens to your word
I’m looking at a generation of girls who reject the word beautiful. Who’d rather be pinned against a wall by boys whose names they won’t remember. They don’t want to remember. Girls who are afraid of butterflies
“Being inside you is like having a million conversations that bring us closer together.” I swear that line will make him famous one day, but the solace found within can never surmount.
Dear Fellow "Men": You stand so tall Because your penis and testicles Make you better, never wondering whether You are a man
The future is a raging storm A distant sky filled with rain and lightning Making decisions can leave one forlorn and repercussions could be frightening.
Those who have nothing left are the most dangerous No one to scandalize, so nothing's too scandalous Break a window because there's no widow Burn down the house when bodies are buried in the meadow
My first home was in my mother’s womb, wrapped in the warmth of her love, and surrounded by the rhythmic bum-bum of her beating heart. The sound of comfort to me, the sound of safety,
How will history look at thee? You I speak of, not me. It is an interesting question you see. Yes, I find you will agree. How will history look at thee? Shall by chance it be your dexterity,
I have nothing else outside of thee, This is obvious with everyone I go down on both knees. Crying out for some help through this trouble and pain, Wishing that there was a way to make my heart whole again.
We will never again label people like animals they said We will never again let a government kill millions they said But what about the immigrants I say
Four walls close you in Nothing goes out, nothing comes in Feeling content in your own little world Everything perfect in your never-get-hurt Little box
I want a reason to buy a new dress. I want to feel purpose behind each caress. I want to be held when no one is looking. I want to be loved when all else is failing.
I do not remember exactly when I first met Summer. I only remember green eyes, the greenest I’ve ever seen. She took my hand, and I was surprised by its warmth. She wrapped me in her arms as we headed down the road.
Cloudy, but no rain. Overcast Externally. The internal, much different. In the midst of a storm, their earth was quaking Images of a dynamic dream and whispers of, "this too shall pass."
I will never, never have the chance to become successful according to the eyes of the elders. I will never, never be able to survive in this world simply because the world has no place for someone like me.
there aimlessly floating above cranium slowly envel( o p i n g mind to airy delirium grasped and clenched then stole presence. so no longer occupy space around: the reality you deny
Outcast. Victim of amassed judgment, Everything defining you is blunted. Hunted. In the triple homicide of mind, body, and soul, Words were the weapon of choice, Words nitrogen cold.
As I stood before my mother's eyes I stood there guiltlessly full of lies lying to everyone including my mother blaming everything on my brother
The dance of time is a rite of eternity, dynamic and never ending. These unremitting bodies harmoniously cycle, solitarily dissenting their vested round.
Sometimes I feel like the whole world is against me, My teachers, my friends, and even my family. I go to school feeling lonely and ugly. One minutes I feel happy, then suddenly, I feel depressed and thoroughly,
The blade to my wrist I'm alone I saw with the knife back and forth back and forth It hurts but not enough I push harder back and forth back and forth The blood
I'm so done with my household I can't stay here anymore This place is making me lose my mind I feel like I'm about to explode
I wonder what its like to be happy to be someone who isn't me to be normal to not have these thoughts to be able to just "fit in" just one of those people who's there who every one likes
When in her eyes and in her fractured voice, The ache hurts even I, who knows no pain, The tears in scarlet eyes, they have no choice But now to fall and mar her face again.
I need to see my pain I need to I need to Cry for help? how I just want it to go away disappear be different. If only If only If only I were stronger Smarter
Stars in his eyes, the sun in my sky. A man for the world to like, my Uncle Mike. He's the strongest hero, stands taller than the trees he climbed. A Godfather that I so thankfully called mine.
Born inside the dark Raised in my captivity Led out by the truth
How can I live without food? It is like my kryptonite It can even take my taste buds on a flight The sweet sugary snacks put me in a good mood When I’m in the store, it seems to jump into my cart
Don’t Give Up On Me Don’t give up on me I’ll lend a hand and meet you halfway We will stand by each other’s side day by day Hold you close and hold you near; please never be afraid to whisper to me your biggest fear
Mystery, mundanity; normality profound proffers suggestions to bold quivering chin. A man! I can be as charade hysterical flowing through brain of body ephemeral, briefly insane.
The stability of mother’s love- may it cripple one so? That withdrawn parallel, intimate she: cause endless dream of a lover’s retreat.
A Summer Night Echo
As much as I sit and try to rebel against the religion I was brought up on I pray. I pray that one day my life will be what I hoped for it to be. I pray for happiness. I pray to see the world. I pray for hope.
Moving in spiral Faster and faster The world spins indefinite Heavy is the pressure Strong are the winds Spinning us around Forever we move A spiral down and up Leading to an end
Someone once asked me, if one day I chose not to live anymore, and I decided to jump off a cliff would I prefer to be facing the sky? Falling hundreds of feet to my certain death, not certain exactly when
The green world calls me. I do not want to sit In this abused desk. I do not want to turn The dead pages of this Cumbersome yellow book.
The sun, clouds, moon and stars Represent what you are to me Amazing, powerful, compassionate, a friend Describes how I see you
Six a.m. Alarm goes off Hit snooze And again And again Brush teeth Wash face Dress to impress Black coffee Out the door
We will never be satisfied. It is against human nature To be content with what we have in our lives. Everyone wants more.
Hello University, College life, where it all gets real; The best years of your life! Are they, really?
I promise to remember you. I promise not to forget. I promise to remember the good and not the bad. I promise, I promise. I hope even as I leave, you'll remember me.
I was always being swept away by the current, it hit me hard. Crushed my lungs, bruised my skin, bloodied my face and body.
Birds flying over head Waves lapping at my feet, The breeze blows in my face The smell of the sea in the air.
Black is the only color i see darkness is the only color for me. sitting in a big black room alone tilit my head back on the wall at home hoping to feel your lost energy pulsate through me
My Christ, lord and savior, reign down on me. I just wish everyone could see ya! And the truth to be seen! How can I show my God, when all i do is sin. Ball my life up in a wad,
I love you. I love you I love yo I love y I love I lov I lo I l I I I l I lo I lov I love I love y I love yo I love you I love you.
Sometimes I want to dive in to greet the bottom of the ocean floor Sometimes I want to jump off to see what lies in the concrete. Sometimes I want to drink because I am curious about what hides at the bottom of the bottle
(poems go here) This morning the rose settled on a dead pine, distinguished with the color of smoke. Remember the red fire.
There was a child Not defined by worldly insignificances Wondering about life abroad and wild With a mind surrounded by fences
what am i gonna do you got me six feet under standing on my bleeding toes the nails beneath me show no mercy what am i supposed to do
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me God’s love will never end I will honor Him being all I can be
I was cute when I was four till I was abandon and forgotten now theirs hate, mistreating and rejection started to become common I hate when people ask about my parent's its to awkward
For a man to love a woman For a woman to love a man God is placed into their lives For God to love man and women And for the love of man and woman To be eternal
(I’m getting chill bumps on my arms. It’s getting harder to breath, I feel lighter. I’m running as fast as I can, pushing as hard as I can. I’m getting closer and closer with seconds.
All my things jumbled because the mind is not: and I’ve nothing to reference, so am I truly me?
The white canvas trembles with mania at the sight of the brush. The vessel is overthrown by the feeling of both love and lust- The canvas is now a passionate red. A mockery of art, or the preliminary action of birth?
Going to class shoelaces untied and I don’t mind, Got my head down, headphones in, walking a straight line, Keep moving forward without a doubt leave the past behind,
I know you are scared, Hurt and unhappy. But you don’t have to be— Not another week, not another day. I will still call you my sister, no matter How hard you try to push me away.
Today I live! But what if tomorrow I died? Would you care? Would you cry? Would you hope for me to rise And live eternally in the skies? Would you wish upon a star Hoping I would not go to far?
There is power in words, more power than we know. If we knew the damage they caused, would it even show? Our fists are blunt weapons, but words pierce the heart. Our bodies heal naturally, but our minds stay torn apart.
               The bottle's in your hand                And can't escape                You won't let it. Your hand Turns white                From fear of losing it's best friend.
Nowadays people operate by seasons. Women got they mind set n boys dey comin in,just to leave em again.
Dear Valentine...Im gonna swallow my pride on this one.
temptation, lust, decite... tears, pain, defeat my life had been filled with these deformities of life. forgiveness, forgetting, reliving, believing. happiness, wholesomeness, blessings, amazing.
It gets to me when you wanna be with someone that is too hurt to be happy with you. When they wanna be with you, but they dont, "but they do, but they dont", confused on wat to do.
Why should you want to die? It feels good to breathe to live to love and just be alive! How can anyone feel the need for suicide? I’m losing my best friend...
I wonder what it feels like to drown in the sky Dancing above the rooftops Watching time fly by Inhaling all the clouds If I had a breath to breathe it’d rip it from my lungs As I sank closer to the stars
If only looks could kill Then your presence would be inevitable The time it takes for you to wake and bake Can only lead to the end of your fate
Of all comes none, yet feels as still some semblance of a substance seen unreal, echo endless hollow beauty immeasurable.
Kind and Caring never daring Was the good, ole' lord Was never creeping nor barely ever weeping Was our good, ole' lord, He wasn't prideful He was just very humble
It hurts...just like I knew it would. Six months I tried to fight it, To deny it, I didn't want this. I knew there would be pain, But by the end of those six months I couldn't complain.
I’m afraid, To let people See the tears roll uncontrollably Down my face Each one mimicking the last. And, I don’t want To have to face them And show them that I feel.
Brown Jug
The man proclaimed he was a genius: they scoffed and asked for proof. He looked them straight in both their eyes, said: "Sirs, the first from you."
I say, “It’s like ‘Welcome to the real world,’ you know?” And six heads nod in agreement.
There's Always gonna be These moments where us both Are going to be in need. In need of a voice, A touch, A kiss, In need of each other. The seduction of the other, To seduce the other.
Feeling a depth of despair inescapable, an entangled mindweb is my dwelling and my tongue tastes of bitter longing.
In days to come I write of hope, I write of beaming white. I scrawl of joy and scribble truth, and smiling, sweet aloof.
Slam what you will but I will accomplish my goals. Ill be more than a statistic, do more than blow trees and smash hoes. Slam what you will but you have my word ill be something.
When I go meet God, I'm gonna have to give myself up to you. Lose my life, lose my heart, lose my soul! I have been dirty and broken and don't deserve your love.
you see the pain in my eyes you see my tears that I cry you see my blood soak the floor and I say what a world you ask why I did it and all I say is that I couldn't bear it
Am I good enough? Who are you to say I’m good enough? Who am I to say I’m not? Not adequate, not worthy. Worthy of the things I have and more, and the things that God has in store . . . for me you see it is not easy to speak highly of myself.
You gave me life, my first breath taken was yours first. You loved me before I knew who I was. You watched over me while I slept, Letting peaceful dreams take me to a world not my own.
Mama always said there'd be days like this// The way things can switch and change like this// Friends become foes in the turn of a wrist and now things'll never be the same like this//
America is weeping, weeping tears of sorrow. The day is dark, uncertain; will there be tomorrow? Two towering jewels once stood so high, Symbols of freedom in the sky.
The Words Hit You Like Endless Bullets. Face Them Head On, Never Give Way To It. Heard It Once, Heard It Twice. The Words They Through Out Are Meant For Your Demise.
They never stop Tears stream down my face I long for them to stop But they never stop
I felt a genocide in my soul And dictators of the centennial Kept marching, marching till it seemed Hope was springing detrimental
I look deep within the mirror at myself. My mind sinks and wonders into a place of utter darkness. How my pain intensifies into complete depression. The torture of past events replay from my childhood.
The bedroom is silent and still as shadows tucked away in a blanket, was a small boy his blonde hair painted to the tousled sheets. The only movement that stirred the room was his breath lifting his chest;
Roses are red, Violets are blue You are my bestfriend, and I love you!
If anything is free in love and war then you and I will always soar to the sky and then beyond together forever and even more who knows how long this bloom will last but to know means that it went to fast
Missing you is me Loving you is free being true is easy but not completely today is a given and tomorrow is never known so be happy and let yourself be shown
My love is for you to the one who does not see do you love me too
Walking, wondering, wishing, hoping, dreaming, thinking, What could've been, should've been, if you didn't slam that door again. Icy cold, the winter wind, blowing fierce against my pale skin.
From the corner of my eye she peeks into the world, Timid and soft-spoken— I can hear her But others say they can't hear this girl. She never bothers to speak up, Always insisting on getting ignored,
In a life of trust and beliefe, One must forgive, one must forget. In a mind of hopes and dreams, One must consider, one must reflect on.
He said that he was ready, he said now's the time to go She was hesitant to answer, she was only twelve years old But Puppy Love is blinding and her future was unclear
(poems go here) A beginful past to a new way
(poems go here) she said I love you to him and kissed the cheek of another she gave her soul to him but promised her body to the other
Listen. Can you hear them? I said listen. They are every and anywhere that I am. Can you hear them? No. Can you hear them the way that I can?
November 26, 1997 A daughter is born To a family of four Immediately thrust into a competition with the first born Who she soon learned to abhor.
Where I’m From By Adriana Ortiz
Heavenly Flight I wish I could write exactly what I saw As I peered out my little window the soft orange glow pierced through the clouds like fire flies The stars all in place quietly buzzing about over head
Step by step, I move only forward, Hands jerking at my ankles trying to pull me back. I look ahead. So many steps stand in front of me, too many to count, too many to see. But I see them.
They say a fake smile can hide a million tears But that's not true It all comes out at some point The tears build up And up and up Until your body loses control
You, have taken everything from me, you, have chosen to cross the line, you, think that I don’t anything about you, but you’re wrong.
A trip forward to the future- a blast back to the past! We loath to sit and wonder- how time will go so fast.
While the small town sleeps And the moon keeps watch With the stars like guards Drinking spots of scotch While the children dream And the mothers rest With their babies safe Upon their breast
Finding yourself speaking, but there is no-one around to hear those beautiful thoughts, the fact that the room around you is bare, leaves the mind to ponder if you're there at all. Blasphamy
Light is like a spot in the night, It is a tiny tiny twinkle in twilight, How small it can be in some places, It could be the white on my laces or hiding in some places,
Our farther which art in heaven, Save my child's soul who's only eleven For she's growing up to fast and I want her to see And don't make the same mistakes like me Life is not a fairy tale
I look in the mirror, I see your face. I look in your room, I see your face. I look in my room, I see your face. I look down the hall, and I see your face.
~The Good thing About It the good thing about life is we can learn everyday we all make mistakes but those things fade away life is just a maze, and we’re trying to find our way but the Bible says the path is straight
~faith when your friends have walked away and your parents said you can’t stay and your problems don’t seem to fade and your bills are due today and you forget to pray and things don’t go your way
Emptiness is all I feel, without you here. I walk past your room, searching for you. How can you be gone so soon? A life taken before its time. You're my sister though, why don't they understand.
Angel's wings, Flying Free of chains, always flying Feathers fall blameless
It comes upon me like a storm. A torrent of emotion In motion. A certain fear I have. The fear of ending. Not breathing, Not blinking, Not being.
I see you running towards that ball in the fields. I hear your laugh when you fall in that pile of leaves. I think of that day when you won’t need me to fight your battles.
Sweet, sweet estrogen eyes occupied with wonderment and gaze intellectual body so full of haze yet, indefinitely oblivious. World of canvas presents and administers self to thee
I love you so much It's almost greater than that of fruit punch I need you more than Rick Ross needs weight loss That sometimes, I resort to life decisions with a coin toss I want you more than a junkie wants drugs
It stares back at me Every imperfection exaggerated How can anyone see beyond It's practically screaming to be noticed Is it possible to remove this demon? Do I have the strength?
You came into my life so clear, so bright while others passed by, you chose to stay waited out the ride slowly peering out inch by inch slowly creeping out exposing more and more
Born to a different breed & raised in the Heart of the U.S.A. My family worked hard to make me who I am And I'll appreciate what they sacrifice every day
Discrimination Five syllables more venomous than a rattlesnake bite. More painful than a little girl not getting her kiss goodnight. We all know what it is, Yet we act as though the impact is nothing.
Her heart is blue, Bruised by lies, She has been hurt so many times, The pain can be seen within her eyes.
Looking up at life, Watching time fly by: Eyes fixed on the future. A simple moment stops you, Surrounds you like a home: Eyes fixed on the now. Feelings. Senses. Sight. Smell. Contour.
I get this weird feeling Whenever I see you. Do you notice the glances I'm stealing And my subtle smiles too?
Can you see them? The ones hurting Crying Dying I can You go on with life As if nothing’s wrong Everything’s perfect But I know you hear them
I am from people who care and my big sister's secrets and dares, From women no men
The cold air and my skin collide I got my jacket and came inside I turned my head and you I saw Your beauty left me in shock and awe I'm truly blessed by your complexion Something about it screams perfection
Let us sail. Off with our boat and two thick oars, off away from the plain and overused shores. Let us paddle till our arms tire, and enjoy as our laughter gets higher and higher.
Sunrise in your eyes. A new begining, New love, and new passion. Noontime, high in the sky. Been going on and on With the same routine. Sunset, tries but dies. Say goodbye to the day.
What is home when you lose all sense of trust? Coming from a teen, i get that trust is already a weakness that needs to be worked on, but when your the one left wondering what else can be taken away before i become completely numb? well...
I cannot control the ocean waves, nor turn the hands of Father Time. I cannot see the future, or take what is not mine. I do not know what lies ahead, but I know I’ll be just fine.
Sang you “Baby” by J.B Maniacal as the American Idol contestant With the most effrontery, yet Never made it past the auditions
pain and fear of rejection cloud my hear and my mind. What do i do? what do i say? how do i tell you i love you?
Pain coarsening though my veins a sweet release with in my brain as the pain gets stronger and the blood starts to flow i know whats going to happen if i continue down this road but it's to late to late to turn back i can feel myself slipping away
I need to marry a man who plays the guitar. No, the piano...yes...the piano. I need to marry a man who plays the piano and sings beautifuly.
How do you protect the innocent eyes, in a world filled with lies? Lustful minds that trick the young into irreversible crimes. Hips move in sync, to what eyes through cracked doors have seen. ”If I open my mouth, and bob like this.
I barricaded myself in my room again, and I cried and cried, just like yesterday. And the day before that.
Eyes, blue as the sea staring back at me, And curly brown hair on top your head. From your childhood you have remembered thee. To my dismay these memories have fled. This is like a dream, every bit of you;
Never knew what to do, Thought I knew the real you. I can’t believe I fell for your lies, Now I wish I didn’t have to say my goodbyes. Throughout this time we have shared, It seemed like you really cared.
A 'ray of hope'? B.S. 'Rays' of hope can only be seen. That's what someone else has, that one might observe. This isn't necessarily seen. No, for me this is only felt. Swings to and fro.
I wish I want I need Like anyone else I’ll always be on the sidelines Waiting on the benches for someone to ask for my hand A conversation A connection A mutual feeling between two souls
Pages of glossy white paper A single canvas onto which I am supposed to magically fit Four years of heartache and laughter, Love and friendships On to shiny pages
Some odd years back there is ten year old girl staring at her daddy’s picture and it is hard for to believe that he won’t be coming back Now as she looks back on all the memories that they have had and a tear falls from her eye
started from the bottom when you come from your mama got to love life i swear i love it like its summer if you dont love life then it dosent mean nothin life is like love so dont be BLUFFIN
One bright day, I sat on ground that was grassed, Looked up at the Sun, to which I asked, "Oh where, oh where, do I find this thing called Love?" "Look between the 'I's," the Sun said from above.
Life around me describing words of Glory, Her big brother, Death, surrounds me at final chapter of my story.
I picked up my pen today; It felt good to let the stress flow With every stroke and line finished, I began to breathe easier Many young teens now smoke, cut or drink but I will write and pray
Curse his name, hard, cold Wipe your face of blood from words Only to exist, still.
If my tigers eye can protect me, What does that mean for your eyes? If your hands are the ones that fit Perfectly In mine, And your arms Are the only ones that i want to surround me,
Three words. Three words that can make your year. Three words that can make you smile like a goof. Three words that can make your insides turn. Three words that can make your heart flutter a mile a minute.
The truth, I fear I can't possibly say For now, my dear Too far I did stray From life, from you From everything free With nothing to do And no one to be A confused, strayed soul
Those with troubled lives, hear me I eloquently speak with experience, I’ll explain – You’ll see For I know that every waking hour feels like years in your life
I wrote this in a letter and I signed it in red pen, But I couldn’t watch you open it.
I want a higher education
I am only a man, and just barely one at that. I have off days, not days, shot days, and days I just don’t know what to do with. Im forced to make decisions, sometimes I don’t make the right one, or the best one.
Our bodies the same, alien to us both. Their neatly planted garden I trampled with my feet. She locked me in a closet, the bitch. Fat black cat, emerald eyes that burned through my window.
With a quizzical frown, a child asks me Where is Heaven? To which I instinctively shrug. I often times have wondered the same thing myself.
And when she woke, light Bore into her sweet eyes. Candle flames flickered Down to their waxy bases, Eager to put out their blazing Flames. Slowly, mildly Getting up, sensing the
On the floor near the doorway lay Those green polka dot socks that I hate. They mock me, telling me he’s been here, When the crisp coolness of my sheets tell me otherwise. Every night is the same it seems
She holds such life in her hand, as a child Gazing into the exposed face of a clock, Carefully analyzing the cool, lifeless elements Until they develop into a beating whole; Blazing eyes, electric green technologies,
Years cannot be unlived Through the piling on of concealer. But she comes to me in hunger. Beauty she holds in her hand And we see in the morning before, How fresh and sweet her basic state.
Her hair is as dark as the midnight sky. Her lips as red as the blooming red rose. At night she walks around and wonders why. Why the day is warm yet the night is froze.
Green is land I walk on, and the air I breath. Red is blood I shed from fear, and the battle I won. Blue is the water I drink, and the path to freedom. Orange is the sun at the brightest and the never ending path
I am the bird of the weeping willow. I whine and sway I cry at bay. I toss, I turn; I yearn, I wish. And whisper to plead, set me free from the swaying, the willow that whispers. I wade and lean
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