Where I'm From


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Where I’m From
By Adriana Ortiz

I am from transparent love.
From great words sown together,
To hugs long enough to sleep in.
I am from the observant brown eyes of my mother, my savior.
I am from the generous scarred hands of my father, my fan.
Where I’m from, love’s sweetest song has laced me once, and questioned every time after.

I am from wealth in happiness.
From the flight that releases me,
To the endless ideas I never take note of.
I am from the dimples in my daughter’s hand that still fits mine.
I am from the dinning table where my grandmother watches me grow.
I am from the army of uncles, and brothers who molded me.
Where I’m from, my father’s absence was tucked away, so tears were cut for show.

Everywhere I was, and everywhere I will be, equal to the fate made all my own.
Where I’m from, is the same place I’ll recognize when I sit at my thrown.


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