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Mama always said there'd be days like this//
The way things can switch and change like this//
Friends become foes in the turn of a wrist and now things'll never be the same like this//
Daddy always said there'd be nights like this//
Hearing people arguing and fight like this//
The steady pain causing me to write like this//
But i never knew my life would be quite like this//
The prachers say that living in a world like this//
Where men arent caring bout their girls like this//
And gilrs falling for game and words like this//
Watching another cycle of parenting turn like this//
But i say, that living the way i live//
As much as i care and the way i give//
Still being heartbroken and played like this//
I will NEVER live through another day like this....................

so i always knew that it would end like this// without a person to call or even a friend... like this// i appriciate the time that we spent like this...... hoping one day you all will see me again, *Smiles* like this!...... POW!!!

thank you!

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truly gifted!

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