Awakened Guardian


United States
36° 17' 45.6324" N, 119° 48' 43.488" W

The bedroom is silent and still as shadows tucked away in a blanket, was a small boy
his blonde hair painted to the tousled sheets.
The only movement that stirred the room was his breath lifting his chest;
filling him with warmth, comfort, peace.
But a chill shook the shadows. Faceless yes glaring through the curtains.
An army of ghouls crept to his bedside; a flood of curling lips and yellow stained teeth.
But the boy simply turned to his side; sighed a last breath of hope.
From the breath, a pulse beat through his companion.
A small teddy bear arose from his side.
He pulled a wooden sword from his waist and drew it upon the demons.
And they hissed at him, surrounded him in a cloud of hate.
Their claws ripped through his ear and sliced into his sword through their blackened bodies.
None of them expected such a fight.
They fled screeching through the windows, the bear limped back to his place in the boy's chest,
laid the sword atop a bible at the bedside and laid lifeless once again; his deed done.



A poem about his fears, his bear, and his faith.

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