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(poems go here) she said I love you to him
and kissed the cheek of another
she gave her soul to him
but promised her body to the other

don’t question where I have been
I been here with you
Don’t suspect me dear husband
My love will always be true

her husband is quite a lovely man
smart funny and sweet
he loves her with all his heart
so why does she still cheat

don’t question where I have been
all day I been with you
Don’t suspect me dear husband
I promise I will always be true

a kiss good bye to her husband in the morning
she left to see her man at night
to say things that no one should hear
until the sun shone bright

the husband thought something was amiss
and he went to phone his friend
the voice that answered surprised him still
for his wife was on the other end.



This poem is about a faithful husband who assumes his wife is just as faithful as he is.

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