Mind Breaking Free

                             A mind tied in knots and it cannot be set free!

It is like everything is arising in distress, filled with anger, hatred, and revenge.

                             The world constantly becomes a blur.

                     No clue where the mind is going, or what will it do.

          It is all hard to understand, of what is normal and what is sane,

but I want to stop at least once, and appreciate the knowledge that I have gained.

                               Struggles are thought to be broken free,

                                but being clueless is what it all means.

There is no end to what the beginning has brought, and there is no way to control or to stop.

                           Moving on a path where the mind is enclosed,

                                           can only lead to the worst!

 But once that mind moves on and breaks free, it has the desire to reach power and clarity.


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