The Rush


United States
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(I’m getting chill bumps on my arms. It’s getting harder to breath, I feel lighter. I’m running as fast as I can, pushing as hard as I can. I’m getting closer and closer with seconds.
I have beaten everybody except one. I can see her in front of me as I am setting up my shot. I am a soccer player and I am about to score. As I set my shot, I plant my foot. I draw my other foot back and I swing it as hard as I can and I pound it into the ball. I watch breathlessly.
She dives for the shot, but she is too slow. The ball slams into the back of the net. The chill bumps rise to my neck. My face is tingling. Everything is so quiet. I run into my teammates embrace as they are praising me.
That feeling is unreal, that's why I play, that is the rush.)


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