A look in the eye


United States
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I see you running towards that ball in the fields.

I hear your laugh when you fall in that pile of leaves.

I think of that day when you won’t need me to fight your battles.

I ponder the memories of past, present, and future that we will make together.

I dream of the dreams I will see you accomplish in your reality.

I dread the pains of the ugly world I won’t be able to keep you from.

I hope for you a life different than my own, without the failures, faults, and fears.

I wish for time to pause, to prolong the joys of your own love, laughter, and joy.

I anticipate your energy, creativity, and curiosity.. like someone else I know.

I hesitate at the knowledge of your mistakes, wrong choices, and unwanted pains.

I stand aside when you no longer want to listen, then turn back after it’s done.

I linger with arms wide open, for comfort despite brought on stupidity.

I smile when I think of the person you will become.

I stare in pride when I visualize the change you will stir in your own reality.

I cringe when you scrape your knee going after that dog you know you can’t take home.

I walk towards you with pride of the achievements you went after with all your heart.

I pray for the day you take all the gifts a one, true God has given you and dive in.

I rest knowing that my life wasn’t in vain, but for a greater purpose.

I found my life in two moments:

When God found me, and gave me life of the utmost abundance…

And when I looked my child in the eye.


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