Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:04 -- jdodd91


United States
36° 58' 52.1364" N, 88° 3' 3.5244" W

Moving in spiral
Faster and faster
The world spins indefinite
Heavy is the pressure
Strong are the winds
Spinning us around
Forever we move
A spiral down and up
Leading to an end
Linking last to begin
Faster and faster we spin
Pressed against these walls called life
They have us cornered
Boxed in
Solid and unmoving
Hard to break through
A single door
Pass through
A path opens
Leading to a maze
Twist and turn,
Our compass gone
Path undetermend
We fall
A black hole
Memory fades
Who are we?
What will we become?
When shall we change?
Where will we go?
I have so many questions to ask...
Yet, all we can ask is, "Why?"


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