The Sisters


United States
36° 25' 49.1088" N, 115° 31' 14.6496" W

I know you are scared,
Hurt and unhappy.
But you don’t have to be—
Not another week, not another day.
I will still call you my sister, no matter
How hard you try to push me away.
I will still come back running
Ready, to hold you up in my arms.
I am here to catch you, to listen.
I am here to lift you up,
Because you are not forsaken.

He is right there beside you,
If you could only see…
He is carrying you through this darkness.
‘Cause His light is where He needs you to be.
I ask you to embrace this challenge,
Look towards this new day.
Find His peace and open up to me.

This new life is such a blessing,
And your new title has so many little promises,
You will be great, don’t be frightened.
Any battles that come,
You can fight them.
Some time may pass between us,
With all that’s going on,
But we are family.
And we will be waiting for you,
To come back home.


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