To Enlighten a Cutter


United States
32° 56' 10.572" N, 111° 55' 42.2472" W

Those with troubled lives, hear me
I eloquently speak with experience, I’ll explain – You’ll see
For I know that every waking hour feels like years in your life
But, my friend, solving your problems doesn’t have to involve a knife

With every crimson drop of blood
You further yourself from feeling loved
You feel there is no savior heading your way
That is why I’m here, reaching out to you today

Those times you feel like you have no fighting chance at all
When the mountains you’ve been climbing are too damn tall
No one around you shares experience, they can't begin to understand
That is why I, alone, am offering a comforting hand

Like the moon, I will reveal to you a much brighter path
Providing a sufficient medicine, a heart-felt wholesome laugh
For I am what one would call a “Godsend”
But nonetheless, I am just your everyday friend


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