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Am I good enough? Who are you to say I’m good enough? Who am I to say I’m not? Not adequate, not worthy. Worthy of the things I have and more, and the things that God has in store . . . for me you see it is not easy to speak highly of myself. I view myself as the lowest of the low, the poorest of the poor. Poor her, who is this girl who can easily be seen as trying too hard. Too hard for others and too hard for herself. Inadequate is what I am, Inadequate is what I’ll be, Inadequate is who I was. I used to get more laughs when I got laughed at. Is this all I’m good for? For a good laugh . . . is that it? It is the inadequacy that holds me back. Back from dreams, back from chances, back from me. Me, myself, and I. Is my inadequacy directly linked to my hurt? The many times I’ve been hurt. Hurt by others who I thought were of importance to me. Me, Myself, and I. That’s the inadequacy thinking, that’s the self-image.


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