A Summer Night Echo

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A Summer Night Echo

One foggy night a group of teenagers met at a glade in the forest. The echo of an owl hooting made the boys nod with a smirk and proceed further into the wooded path. Rain poured, while a couple of the teenage girls giggled.
The hooting noise came again. A gleam of light appeared, and then vanished suddenly. Everyone was scared to turn around. The teenagers decided to walk further into the night.
The echo of a hoot came again. The girls were getting curious how much longer this journey was going to be. Not too much longer the boys replied in unison. A beam of light flashed, and vanished quickly. The boys turned quickly to the girls and yelled hurry; the girls started to cry and ran quickly to keep pace with the boys.
The echo of a hoot sounded the forest. Strands of light started appearing and the boys screamed hurry up! Hearts were beating like Indian’s drums. The echo of hoot came once again. Lights brightened the wooded area. The teenagers stood frozen solid in their tracks. The echo of a hoot came from the mysterious light.
The boys walked very diligently towards the light that was making the echo of a hoot. The girls stayed still in silence. As the boys walked closer towards the light making the noise the light got brighter by the second and the noise got louder echoing viciously off the trees.
The echoing stopped. The light darkened. The boys said we knew what we had heard. The girls screamed Oh my God, and ran. The echo of hoot wins again.
A few months later the teenage girls decided to put up owls at the glade of the forest in the day time with a few friends. One friend asked curiously why owls and not something else that would represent something else? The girls replied, you can’t believe everything you hear from the echo of a conversation and believe it to be true. You must listen with your eyes, and keep your mouth shut to know what someone else is actually talking about.

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I hope everybody enjoys my poem. I'm a current West Virginia Wesleyan College student.

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