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We will never again label people like animals they said
We will never again let a government kill millions they said
But what about the immigrants I say

Thousands of children dead
All seeking for a piece of bread
The bread of knowledge
The bread of success
The one found on the other side in the US

Thousands of men and women dead
All for the American dream
A dream that turns into a nightmare
A nightmare of life or death
All for what is most sacred
Like the family of these

Why not enter legally Americans wonder
Why not let them in I say
We are all labeled
Labeled with a 9 digit number
The number that gives us our “freedom”
The number that say we have the right to belong
To belong to a country that doesn’t let life pass through those walls
The walls that does not only separate countries but families as well

So speak up! Because
To speak is to know
To know is the power
The power enough to cause a change of no other
A change that can bring others to a better place
A better life
A life of success and gratitude towards this country of ours
A country raised by immigrants
Speak up now, or forever hold in your memory the deaths
The deaths of all these people who just seek a better life
A life like yours or mine.


Jan Wienen

Man cannot live by bread alone ...

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