Hello University

Tue, 05/14/2013 - 23:55 -- mbd11c


United States
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Hello University,
College life, where it all gets real;
The best years of your life!

Are they, really?

Hello debt,
Not being able to sleep because I’m too worried about where I’m going to get my next meal.
How am I supposed to pay this tuition, this on-campus rent?
Searching for a job, but no one will hire me-
Afraid that my boss might fire me-
What will I do then?

Hello eighteen percent hike,
Selling blood for a meal
And eating ramen ‘till my arteries need Drain-o
Hoping that someday I’ll know
How to get out of this mess of constant worry.

How is it that you’re supposed to only be able to succeed in life via college,
But college is what puts you into such crippling debt that you probably won’t ever succeed?
How is it that I- with my vision of being a writer- have a minute chance of having
A 2.5 child family and a house in the suburbs in the next ten years
Because I’m white
And can’t get any scholarships because “my parents have too much money”
When in fact, they’re still up to their eyes in debt
And can’t help me with lunch money
Much less put me through college;
And I can’t get any money for myself
Except debt
And whatever I can earn working minimum wage at the fast food restaurant
Because I can’t get another job because I haven’t had “enough experience?”

Tell me this, University,
Is that not minority enough for you?
The fact that I’m not another pregnant teen;
That I don’t do drugs
That I have never had so much as a speeding ticket in my life?
That I self-published a book in high school which is now collecting dust on virtual shelves?
Here I am. All I want to do is travel and work at RandomHouse
Or Penguin or Scholastic
And fix books all day.
Why can't you just help me?

All I want is to write-
To let my lifeblood seep into the pages and have someone drink it till they’re full.
But apparently, I can only do that if I have a degree.
At least, that’s what everyone tells me.

So tell me, University, how can I get that degree
If all you’re doing is pushing me
Farther away, down into the sea of debt
And worry?


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