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Becoming your own person is a crime punishable by death No one cares about your mental health Put your feelings on a shelf Focus on achieving wealth   They want you to sit and accept their shit
Becoming your own person is a crime punishable by death No one cares about your mental health Put your feelings on a shelf Focus on achieving wealth   They want you to sit and accept their shit
My worth is defined by the beauty of my soul, my heart, my brain,  and my moral character.
I was afraid to show the real me.  Afraid to be judged by the people I'd see.  What if they didn't like what I said or wore?  What if to them I was just a bore.    Someone who had the confidence of an ant. 
Why I am the way I am I am the way I am …. Because at a young age my dad left to California to give me a better life because at the age of 6, I left El Salvador to come to California
                Who wants to be the brightest of them all?                 Who wouldn’t want to be?                 But existence is an eternal purgatory                 Mind like the ocean waves that flow so effortlessly
Who am I? I can be just a shadow Or the most popular girl in school I can be just a closed door Or an opened book maybe so much more Who am I? defines who I am I can be the blame
I may be young, and I may be fifteen. However, I'm not what you think I am. I'm that someone that others call "weird", I'm that individual that others don't appreciate.
If the world were to end tomorrow I’d spend my last hours with the universal language.   If I lost my hearing tomorrow I’d spend today Listening to Forever and Always by Parachute,
Refresh, scroll, refresh, scroll; I know by doing this it will take it’s toll. Covet, envy, you become a green monster. We want to post a picture too, be another flaunter.  
It’s a list of things That goes on forever, But gets smaller as it goes, That describes who I am. Every part of the list, Looks at itself as on a ladder, And climbs the hill to be larger.
I'm the moon, not the star. I'm more natural,  Normal. I do not amaze, not everyday. I leave you              breathless on November afternoons when you see me through 
With small eyes I blink
Insomnia. The result of my overbearing thoughts of a past I can’t change, of a future I’m terribly unsure of. Most nights I barely sleep, some nights not at all. However, I suppose this is what comes of one whose thoughts consume their soul.
A clear, deep voice rings across the room, It reaches me efficiently and fast. 
Size 0,       5’11”,           big-eyed,                 long-necked,                      high-cheek-boned models parading around. Advertisements making beauty seem within reach as long as I
  Excuse me? What did you just call me? It wasn’t Miss,  Ms., Mrs., Ma’m, or Lady. It wasn’t my name. What was your reference? Oh yeah, narcissistic bitch.   Why? Actually, don’t answer,
When I was younger, I wanted to be an artist.I wanted to be like my sister who made her room her own personal museum of art,complete with a shooting star as her cieling and a 9 by 12 beach to keep her warm, even in winter.
I look to the sky for a dream, the stars seem to yell surrender. My generation has lost its roots, our world is yelling timber.
On the other side of the glass
With out an instagram edit, to change the lighting. without agreeing on a negative topic, to keep from fighting. Im pale skinned, acne covered, slightly chubby, and mentally ill.
A mere whisper whose mind is as loud as roaring thunder whose thoughts are jumbled with black and white, no grey, has big dreams that knows she should be afraid of but is ready to conquer them, that is I.
Shattered, broken, betrayed If you asked me on a bad day who I am I'd say that Determined, passionate, loving If you asked me on a good day who I am I'd say that
I am who i was meant to be in this life, no one can take who I am away from me, I'm a bright phoenix rising from the ashes, to reborn as a powerful women, who takes, a stand.
I am all that I want to be. I am the creator of my universe. I am the owner of a beautiful home which is my body. I have so much control on what, who and how I want to be. Thus, I am a goddess.
I am a drop of sunshine in a doubt of uncertainirty.I am a comforting voice in a crowd of chaos.You have a hard time following me? Try harder, because I lead out.
I started with low self-esteem and braces. I started with a small group of friends, with no boys allowed. I began to notice how I wasn't noticed. I was background noise in a movie theater. I was quiet and awkward.
Among the crowd i walked but yet i feel alone My world stand still as the clock ticks  My direction. purpose. all seen to be of enormity What is life when the world 
I was that girl- the one that couldn't look at herself without throwing up I was that girl- the one that no one would talk to I was that girl- the one that had to take a blade to her skin to feel something
Who am I?  
Standing at t
I am a mess. I don't have it all together. I am tired, overloaded, and weathered. I care a little too much. I make no time for myself. I make mistakes, take chances, and leave dreams on the shelf.
A permanent reminder runs crooked down his chest a seam, a scar, still raw, deep, and red he is in debt to a strangers hand, loses rest for fear of failing his second chance 
I am From Ten acres with a classic red barn in the horizon Chickens frolicking in the fields, and a rescue deer that responds at the call of his name
The clothes I wear  are colorful The clothes I wear are fun The clothes I wear are happy The clothes I wear are me When you look at me I hope you think high of me I don't dress down I dress up
"Why aren't you making straight A's?"
I am a pile of leaves waiting to be affected by the winds of time; Scared of what the future holds. I lay here calm and collected,  my emotions trapped inside; Bursting at the seems, my sanity is wavering.  
One white kid in the whole neighborhood All my friends spoke Spanish but still I knew the truth That every one of us wants the same exact thing To find a safe haven and to have a family  
Deep thoughts. Calm and selfless. For you, I shall do anything. 
Who am I?Friend or foe?
I am a woman behind a curtain, and that's something that I find difficult to accept. Keeping lies, and secrets, I seem to always let them take advantage of every part of me my heart, my lips, my eyes.
Here's a little story of the girl who thought she'd never make it. Growing up in a world that told her all she has to do is fake it. Seeing the world in black and white isn't right, and she knew it, 
What makes me flawless? I am flawless beacuse of all my things that don't make me falwless. All my mistakes and insecurities  make me the man I am today.
Eyebrow game on point, Long legs that go on for days, Lips like Kylie J.  
Shall I start with an introduction?  Just wow I am doing this production, I am beyond FLAWLESS this is no assumption.  feel my vibes go through the winds and sands of the the earth. 
If this title defines who I am to society, Shouldn't it speak volumes? It should -  But fuck society! I am a proud, closeted pansexual With a romantic heart and a dirty mind.
I wake up each morning,  and I brush my tangled hair, I dont put on make-up, and I dont have expensive clothes to wear. So say what you will, I am flawless.   Sometimes I am quite,
I’m from the self-made man who left home at the age of eighteen because he didn’t want to follow his mom’s command. I’m from a woman raised to have a plan but that got interrupted by an ungrateful man.
The streets are dark and enclosed like veins, my veins. Cities with cars zooming through, the clock in my heart strikes twelse and beats and loud thump. I wish my veins weren't jumbled like cities,
-Beautiful Soul-
Sometimes I really start to wonder who I am I go to church and I remember but then as soon as i walk out the doors and forget again in this seemingly endless cycle I go, over and over and over
I can sit here and dread over all the negatives                                                                          Of what I'm not. But it won't really change who I am. 
Everybody hides behind something. You may think you know everything about someone, but there's something in them, something you don't know.   I can bubble, I can giggle,
She enters the classroom, smiling from ear to ear I enter the classroom filled with fear She finds an empty chair right next to her friend I slide into the desk waiting for the day to end
who am I? I've never known, no one has ever known. maybe I'll never know. how do I identify myself? I identify myself with the music I listen to, the clothes I wear, the people I hang out with-
I am from stalks of rice plants wallowing in the rural plains From long distance roads leading the little me home for dinner and killer summer waves pestering me every day!
You ask so much of me. To explain who I am... It's close to impossible.   There's not just one thing that says "This is me." Many things define The one being I am.  
I don’t know my own words. I don’t know my own voice.
I hate when people use me. Smile in my face but turn around to abuse me. Ive got a big heart and thats where it starts. I do things for others when they dont deserve it. I swallow my anger and i try not to show it.
I could tell you who I am  but do you have the time I could go on for hours  telling you who I am My love can not be bought or sold It can only be given freely to whom I choose
I am a quiet girl who likes to dream. I wonder if people will become nicer and more caring in the world. I hear silence pounding in the middle of the night. I see a happy world that’s always sunny and happy.
We are all born with a name.
  I am Alexandria Leitermann;
"Shush" "Shove your degree in something other than my face" "I'm defying you" "We all copied Rachel's problem set last night" "Your class is a joke" "How are you married"
I am different, I am not the ordinary. I am positive I am me. I want to be the change in the world. I am living a dream, a fantasy
GEORGIA MUD   I’m from ice cold sweet tea on the hot summers days, little girls selling lemonade on the corner for fifty cents a cup.
So you ask, Why Do I Write ? I write because I trust no one but my self. I write because what I have to say is closer to the truth than what another says. I write because its a stress reliever. 
Don't judge me for who I am! For what I believe or where I stand Don't Judge me for how I look! For there's more hidden inside this book Don't judge me for my friends! For their means define their own ends
Ink and lead are my voice, From my mouth to ears is not my choice, What I put to paper is my way The spoken word - what I cannot say.
I did not grow up with poetry.I grew up with music.Yet, to me, the former is no different from the latter.     Toes waving in the pool of words beneath me.
Poetry is a living, breathing organism that haunts my every waking moment. It thrives in the darkest recesses of my mind where it waits to be found. It is my shadow.
It was a long and treacherous path It was dark and gloomy Tiring and weary   I didn't want to go   It was a warm May day It was too much for me to bear Eye-opening  
  Woman. I am a person. I live breathe eat. I am woman. Someone who refuses to be beat. Don’t take me for a weakling. Don’t fool with my mind. Because I am one who can also be unkind.
Acrostic Me: Talented Animated Young Loving Extraordinary Random
I am from straw hats, From humid to dirty roads, I am from Mommy’s and Daddy’s homeland, (Saigon, the city where everyone gathers.)
You are the sty in my eye, the pain in my side. You are the headache in my head, and the doubt in my life.
I fought the will to live a tragedy, to sacrifice pain and wear a smile no matter what. A fool amongst wise men. A liar amongst the blind. A friend to people who have not a clue of the person I am.
Cautiously bestowing her ethereal presence, the profundity of her garden casting me into the unknown, Calliope appeared in front of me with the face of an angel and the voice of a commanding god.
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