Beautiful soul


-Beautiful Soul-
I'm the girl they forced slaves to lay down and make obviously im bastard cause you said they wasn't  married and you sir honestly have the audacity to ask me why I stand before you tight faced and as enraged  as I am and my answer is  simply i sat through your  elementary school as that dark skinned puffy haired girl forced to feel infearior to my oppressors 
However I must admit I am that girl ashamed that my culture is only brought up once a year just so schools could claim to be a little diverse what about when my people were forced to stay behind that wooden gate on their masters big estate , no sir I ain't lookin for no compensation I just want you to understand that it ain't fair for my history to be half written and shared and  quiet frankly it's not clear when my history became yours to share and maybe I will never understand but I am that girl that slaves were forced to lay down and create and here's a little story that you might just think about adding to your history my daddy was beat and my mother was sold and yet I still can't seem to fit perfect into your little mold  maybe  I outa rip my heart out and let my kin plant it in the ground and we can see what reality could be if my tree sprouted tall and bright green or maybe I ought a  hold my breath long enough to see change and go purple cause sir you drove me there claimin my life was real easy to spare 
you drove me there segregated my body from all of my peers and internalized my thoughts with your filthy opinions your people drove me there but I am beautiful and my history drove me here


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