I Am From


I am From

Ten acres with a classic red barn in the horizon

Chickens frolicking in the fields, and a rescue deer that responds at the call of his name

Musical instruments hung on the walls and jam sessions with an artistic ponytailed father

Mom whose personality that is crazier than her curly, blond hair

Policeman brother who keeps me inline, and an oldest brother that keeps everyone on their toes

Eliza, Callum and Isabel—a product of my older brother

Sarcastic answers and uncontrollable laughter at birthday dinners

Tears, blood and sweat smeared on a Marley studio floor

Pointe shoes and tutus overflowing a closet that already has too many clothes in it

Living the dreams of little ballerinas everywhere, and feeling like a princess under a spotlight

Small town Armada where it is acceptable to wave to anyone you see

Friday night football games and Saturday night bonfires Netflix while cuddle up with a handful of friends

Three car accidents that were close calls Little red hand me down pickup truck with over 200,000 miles under the hood

I am from a life with many ups and downs, but it is a beautiful life that makes me Cami.


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