Acceptance is the New Beautiful

Who am I?
Friend or foe?
You're asking me?
I wouldn't know...
I contradict.
I take the fence.
I'm undecided,
Not intense.
My passions simmer,
Never boil.
I wear a crown but don't feel royal.
Aimless? No.
Hopeless? No.
Lost? Forgotten?
Maybe so.

I only invest where I know I won't sink
because when I connect I'm always the chink
in the fence that surrounds my reign my relief.
I try to have faith but I've lost my belief.

In my power to change
In my power to mend-
I can't ever get back the affection I send.

So I leave it.
I bury it.
Forget what I've felt.
Suppress all the flames, and let the ice melt.
I can't rock the boat,
You mustn't do that,
Calm waters are better than having a chat.

Besides they won't listen
Never have, never will
Though words are their weapon;
They know how to kill.
Like poison they soak and infect my young mind.
It's a labyrinth up there, my own thoughts hard to find.

Something's not right,
Things just aren't the same.
The monster inside is no longer tame.
Darkness ensues, taking in all the good.
I forgot what I loved,
I forgot where is stood.

But then I remember, then I recall,
I don't need to be perfect;
I just need to stand tall.
I need to keep trying, I need to keep going.
The strength that I do have comes from me knowing

That they don't define me

They never can tell.
They never took the time to walk through my hell.
They can't see my darkness
They can't see my light.
Haven't felt my pain
Or bathed in my delight.

And how could they,
These mere strangers, know
These parts of me that I'm frightened to show?

My reflection rejects the very image I see.
So how can I be like them when I can't even be me?
I've buried that girl that the mirror can't see.
The glass has been shattered, she will never be free.
As long as acceptance is beautiful here,
That gorgeous little girl will never appear.



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