Who I am


A mere whisper whose mind is as loud as roaring thunder

whose thoughts are jumbled with black and white, no grey,

has big dreams that knows she should be afraid of but is ready to conquer them, that is I.

An adolescent with a horrid past who refuses to back down from the impetuous blows life throws at

her and is as passionate as a poet who has just found their muse, that is I.

A girl who is in love with words that create beautiful meanings that can hurt you or praise you, a girl

who is in love with the world and isn't ready to leave until she changes it, that is I.

I am not a noun, I am not a verb, I am a young girl who is defined by my actions when I am alone

and when I am surrounded by people.

I either love passionately or not at all. I am a girl who will love you despite what you have done

because I believe that our past does not define who we are, that is who I am.

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