Pride, it sticks.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 15:12 -- jrl2ds


It’s a list of things

That goes on forever,

But gets smaller as it goes,

That describes who I am.

Every part of the list,

Looks at itself as on a ladder,

And climbs the hill to be larger.

Of course I do what I can,

To manage my list,

Pushing down what I know is sin,

And pulling up the traits that are good.

It is, in the end, what makes us,

Our list, so good care I bid

To all who listen, to take care,

Of our list of things.

As time goes on, our list can change

And I want my list to look better.

While I can hide my list,

Lie about its contents,

That action itself only makes my list uglier.

But to show my list of things,

Regardless of what it bears,

To be proud of myself;

That’s one thing I can do,

To make my list,

Something I can be proud of.

This poem is about: 
Our world



This is my submission to the #nofilter Scholarship Slam!

Thank you for this awesome opportunity, I have always loved writing poetry, and I am glad to be able to write one. I've been looking at other poems, and they are all so incredible. Thank you for reading this.


The poem itself is about the underlying fact that what I am is changeable, even if my homosexuality isn't, and that showing pride in myself, not using a filter, and showing the world who I am is itself something to be proud of.

I can do my best to change certain parts of myself, like trying to make myself more patient, better at mathematics, and hopefully better at writing. I can also do my best to not be rude, not be envious, and to be happy for everyone's happiness. We are all people who are made of an endless list of attributes, and in the end, it's how we manage that list that makes us who we are. And of course, being proud of oneself, and being honest and forthcoming with the people around you is one central thing we can do to make ourselves better people overall. 

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