Sh*t I Can't Say to My Teachers


"Shove your degree in something other than my face"

"I'm defying you"

"We all copied Rachel's problem set last night"

"Your class is a joke"

"How are you married"

"You're clearly on a power struggle"

"I saw you at Giant Eagle this weekend and hid behind the potatoes"

"I hate that you control my GPA"

"You need to get those pit stains under control"

"I'm smiling but on the inside I've called you every curse word in my verbose vocabulary"

"Talking louder doesn't make me want to listen any more than I am"

"Poop you"

"Door's that way"

"This isn't Narnia, stop acting like king of the world"

"I'm so peeved that I'm not even making sense"

"I would sass you right back if I didn't care about my future"


"Have a wonderful weekend"-I say with a smile



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