Where Im From / who I am



They asked me where Im from But I didnt tell them

I am from the old down roads on that rocky hill “rolling on the river “

From that dirty concrete pebbled ground

To the corner store on every corner when you walk

To the ramen noodles when momma went to the store cause the fridge was half empty

Im from the grease momma slapped in my head trying to look “decent for the morning “

Talking about Im from here and im from there

I telll them “im from the mac and cheese down to the fried chicken “

From the hair particles in my hair , to the white in my fingertips

So how you tell me where im from ?

Where the dad dont give a **** about their children

And there are only a handful of what they call “goodmen”

Where They describe women using the words “slut and whore “

Letting them speak to them any kind of way

Where Im from , that shit dont go down .

Where im from i was told to “sit like a lady and speak when spoken to .

But if a man ever raise his hand at me  , a lady he will not see

Where im from is mutual beauty

Where the FACE is not only beautiful but has a heart

I am from my brooklyn way

The green house where I was raised

I am from the word Hermosa

Caderas and curvas is what they call “Being a woman”

So whoever told you otherwise , ask them where their from

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