Who I am

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 22:43 -- husna_5


I could tell you who I am 

but do you have the time

I could go on for hours 

telling you who I am

My love can not be bought or sold

It can only be given freely to whom I choose

I am a beauty behold all that you see 

psst guess what? the real beauty lies inside 

My heart is filled with love and beauty 

The gold, gems and pearls are amazing things 

but don't be deluded because that is not what the happiness can bring

Temporary  awe and satisfaction come from things like these

I am made of emotions and a masterpiece 

i am more then the mere body that you see 

that gently and slowly breathes in and out

I have a past I am the present 

the future unfolds before my eyes 

like many before me I dream and wish 

i am a treasure just like you 

worthy of dreams and thoughts

I wait patiently and persist 

my faith instilled in what I do 

But in the end of all this 

who I am 

i wish the best for you 

because you are you 

so my advise is for you to remain true

Until we meet again I will bid you Ado 




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