Narcissistic Bitch


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Excuse me?

What did you just call me?

It wasn’t Miss,  Ms., Mrs., Ma’m, or Lady.

It wasn’t my name.

What was your reference?

Oh yeah, narcissistic bitch.


Why? Actually, don’t answer,

Be quiet and listen.

Let me explain something.


I get called a narcissist

Because I wear skirts

That are a bit short.

And I have no qualms

About walking around in a sports bra.

I have the utter self confidence

When it comes to my body.


I am a narcissist

Because when I am complimented

I say “Thank you, I know.”

Because I do.

I know I am pretty, intelligent, cute-

Whatever compliment you throw my way.

I do not need your approval or compliments

To validate my attractiveness,

And that makes me a narcissist

And that just doesn’t make any sense.


But okay. I’ll take it.

What about ‘bitch’?


I get called a bitch

Because I speak up in class,

I make myself heard.

I do not apologize

For my voice.

I will not apologize for being a woman

With thoughts and opinions to share.


I am a bitch,

Because when I have an objection

I am heard.

I know I deserve a voice, to speak, to be heard-

And I will never be quieted because you feel threatened.

I will not be silent for a society

That says I cannot speak,

That validates a man over me

Simply because I have ovaries.


So yeah.

I guess it’s true.

I am a narcissistic bitch.


Because being a narcissist

Means I’m confident.

Because being a bitch

Means I have opinions that will be heard.


But one day we will live in a society

Where strong women are known by name.

This narcissistic bitch will fight to make it happen. 

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