I am

I am different, I am not the ordinary. I am positive I am me. I want to be the change in the world. I am living a dream, a fantasy

I don't like certain things. Dont like being yelled at negative people or stereotypes ways

Disrespectful boys or people that is such a turn of to me.

I am confident, loyal and caring and mindful with much thoughts and wonders

Their is no other like me.

I am just me. I love me.

I am somebody. I am different and unique, I am me because no one else can be me

I wouldnt want to be another.

Talkative ways. I am like Dorie swimming my way through the world trying to find my way, trying to understand things better in life.

I reach within my heart and my soul to express me. I write thoughts onto paper sometimes that is the only way I can express me.

I represent me, I am not the ordinary.

Not so loud, my smile and bright eyes bring others around me,

I walk with confidence because I have a purpose

I love music, love the way the bass goes, it describes me.

I am still trying to find me.

I am God Bless. I am success I am loyal

I love those who love me family, friends music and etc.

I give adulation to the one on high

Diligent, ambitious, different

I have Smooth Chocolate Brown skin like India Arie

I talk lots because tomorrow is never promised

I am not perfect, but learning from mistakes I say and do dumb things but am learning everyday

Got the eye of an eagle, can read certain people and things

I am someones daughter, friend, sister and lover.

I'm still trying to figure out me.

I am somebody. I am a champion.

I have trained my mind and my body will follow


I will acknowledge the fact that my opponent does not expect me to win

But I will never surrender

Weakness will not be in my heart.

I am Quamia, Mia, Meme, MiasoUnique

I am the strongest and bold on the outside and within.

I know me better than anyone else

I am a champion.

I am me.



This is beautiful Sister. Your words are aggressive as a raging river while being as fluid as a quiet stream. Keep em coming and we will keep reading.

Go like my Facebook if you can and grace it with one of your poems if you like. I have a slam tonight with 1000 people, my exposure can be yours. One Love. Peace. The page is Semmi Samson.


This poem gave me the motivation I needed. You are definitely a unique indivisual, not everyone is capble of expressing themselves and realizing how different they truely are. Get your shine on and never let anyone take that from you!

God Bless 

Bri <3


i really like this poem.:)

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