I am a person.

I live breathe eat.

I am woman.

Someone who refuses to be beat.

Don’t take me for a weakling.

Don’t fool with my mind.

Because I am one who can also be unkind.

I deserve respect.

For I have earned it on my own.

For I am a woman who’s had minds be blown.

I am here on this earth to accomplish everything.

But I am not here for just the glitter and the bling.


I do my work for love.

The love verbally, cannot be expressed .

My works of art let out what my feelings tend to suppress.


I am a woman.

Who creates many things.

From stories to poems drawings and paintings.


I am a woman.

Who should be noticed for what I do.

I’ve come too far to turn around.

Too many obstacles I’ve been through.

I am a person.

I have needs wants and expectations.

I have emotions, anger, sadness, happiness, even speculations.

I want to make it in life.

I want an education career and to someday be a wife.


I am a person.

I have dreams.

But I have what it takes I know what real life means.


I am a woman.

Who will hold her head up high.

I will share my story as many years will go by.

And I will look back into those  sleepless hardworking spectacular years that have flied.




So talented.

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