Beautiful me

Mon, 01/26/2015 - 13:13 -- ELF9

I am a drop of sunshine in a doubt of uncertainirty.

I am a comforting voice in a crowd of chaos.

You have a hard time following me? Try harder, because I lead out.

I am redemption after facing my darkest demons in the dark.

I am a smile in the presence of my deepest fears.

I am the same person in the light and the dark.

Genuine, honest, real. I am authentic.

I am a drop of sugar water in an ocean of salt.

I am a lense of clarification in a jumbled mess.

I am a reassuring hand on a shoulder of a black cloud. I am the silver lining you missed.

I am constant, a loyal companion.

I am an embrace at the end of a hard task.

I am victory.

I am beautiful. Beautiful me.


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