She and I


She enters the classroom, smiling from ear to ear

I enter the classroom filled with fear

She finds an empty chair right next to her friend

I slide into the desk waiting for the day to end

She's in track and she runs well

I can't stand the pressure, but there's not a person I'd tell

Her family life seems normal because she's happy everyday

Living without a mom isn't easy, I miss her in every way 

She surrounds herself with friends, you can find her at any party

I don't know who to trust when all they seem to do is live in play pretend

She lives in the present

I can't get over the past

She understands who she is

I see nothing but my own mask

See I'm the girl who looks perfectly fine, who pretends she has a completely normal life

See I'm the girl who's lost inside, who doesn't understand, who can't bear her family strife

I'm under a well woven curtain because I'm scared to be seen

I don't want to be here

I just want to be me

If they knew about the girl I am, the girl who detests alcohol, the girl who lives in fear

Would they talk about her behind the scenes and laugh at the reasons she can't simply have a beer?

You see there's nothing wrong with who I am or how my life at home played out

Don't be quick to judge a person if their story is something you know absolutely nothing about




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