From the Balcony


United States
33° 7' 42.3084" N, 107° 15' 10.1628" W

A girl

Just a girl with dreams

and hopes,

with strong morals

and opinions,

but confined

by the grips of adolescence

and low expectations.


Dreams of teaching

of traveling

of learning

about anything and everything,

of enlightening others

and through them, herself


Hopes of a better world

with less hatred

and more understanding,

of a better self

with less loathing

and more acceptance


Solid morals

of equality

free of delusion,

of love

free of judgement,

and happiness

free of pain


Strong opinions

that are not easily swayed

or refuted,

a list far too lengthy

to arrange into one



A girl
with far- fetched dreams
and wild hopes,
silly morals
and unconventional opinions.

Just a girl
who will one day
wave at those who ever doubted her,
who rolled their eyes
and sent her spiraling into self-hatred,
from a balcony so high above them
that they are no longer in her sight.












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