GEORGIA MUD ( I am From)



I’m from ice cold sweet tea on the hot summers days, little girls selling lemonade on the corner for fifty cents a cup.

I’m from playing hide-n-go-seek, duck-duck-goose, follow-the leader, with my cousins  until the sun goes down and the fireflies come out.

I’m from getting tucked in, the night light turned on and being sung amazing grace til I drift to sleep.


I’m from spankings, time outs and discipline from the firm hand of a loving father.

I’m from learning to  try your best to do what you  can in some of the hardest times of life watching my unbalanced mother struggle while I was very young.

I’m from giggles in the dark, fights that cut deep, and unending forgiveness out of a fiery red-headed sibling that I love so much.

I’m from long hugs, midnight cries, and happy times in my life with a bubbly, golden haired sister that  you would think I had been with since diapers.

I’m from seeing the truth and differentiating it from a happy fantasy by a compassionate, strong woman that came to me in a series of unfortunate chain of events but a blessing all the same.


I’m from knowing I’m different and always have been with the braces not on my face but my skinny weak legs.

I’m from physical therapy since I could walk having surgery to try to improve my quality of life and wanting to learn about all the new things of life at the same time.

I’m from being in special ed. NOT because I needed to be there but because people around me were too ignorant of cerebral palsy effect, to observe the cognitive part of my brain.

I’m from falling a million times a day and still getting back up just to run at full speed again.


I’m from struggles as a child and parents that did their best but made mistakes, mistakes that costed greatly in the long run.

I’m from doctors visits, being a research project  and getting checked up on every 3 months.

I’m from friendly support of few great friends that have I still have contact with.


I’m from being loved but tossed around with my young sister until moving in with my amazing daddy  that nursed me back from malnourishment.

I’m from dance, soccer, both specialized to my abilities it may not have looked as aesthetically pleasing as normal children but helped build my broken self confidence.

I’m from  horribly humid but amazingly beautiful beaches, palm trees and long sunsets over the gulf of mexico.


I’m from giving the shirt off your back in need to help others and hope they would do the same for you.

I’m from when company comes over they don’t leave hungry, making extra just in case.

I’m from prideful southerners that stand for everything they believe in to a new extreme.

I’m from many things good or bad all of it makes me who I am and helps me get to be who I want to be in the future I’m a survivor of many things and they all make me a little wiser i love my life and im glad its mine.

I’m from me.



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