Why I am the way i am

Why I am the way I am

I am the way I am ….

Because at a young age my dad left to California to give me a better life because at the age of 6, I left El Salvador to come to California

Because while I was coming here my mom and I got separated

Because my dad had to look for me while I was lost in Mexico

I remember when he finally found me he had to pay to get me back

When I got to LA it was dark and I had no Idea where I was

I chose my dad over my mom

Because that choice made me view the world as just me and my dad

As I grew up the only one that had my back was my dad

Because he was the one that would keep my grades in check

My dad is always telling me to not be late to school

Because he wants me to have a better

Because he is always constantly reminding me to be the best I can

Because I know that I can be someone in life

Because I know that I need to let go of my old ways

Because I know that if this year I put my all in it will help me in the future

I need to start taking initiative towards what I want in life

I need to know how to use the resources around me instead of letting it go to waste

Because I know that one day I will make my dad proud of for all I have done

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