The streets are dark and enclosed like veins, my veins.

Cities with cars zooming through, the clock in my heart strikes twelse and beats and loud thump.

I wish my veins weren't jumbled like cities,

I want to be free like galaxies -stars twinkling under my skin,

no one can see them but at least I will feel something pure and uncluttered instead of blurry.

Everyone sees my blurry image -unfocused.

All lines and edges softened, no one cares to focus their lens because then my image will be sharp.

You will see every fault, crack, and flaw,

everything wrong with me is then visible to the eye.

He will not be able to resist saying,

"Darling, your eyes go from light and glistening to dark and disturbed

but if I notice and ask what's going on, will that make me absurd?

Will that make me as crazy as you are?

Because babe, without asking, I already know you're bizarre."

Maybe I should stay blurry to all.

They say the closer you look, the less you see 

but i strongly disagree.

Stay back, stay blurry.


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