Pain is my name

Becoming your own person is a crime punishable by death

No one cares about your mental health

Put your feelings on a shelf

Focus on achieving wealth


They want you to sit and accept their shit

To obey without a word to say

To shrink at the knowledge they think they uphold

I'd say you're ignorant, because I'm just that bold


I'm passionate about learning from MY life as I go

Not what I've heard from others who think they know

Telling me lies, putting on a show

I mean I would listen if I didn't want to grow


I cherish the thought of having priceless knowledge you could've never bought

People staring and glaring at me because I know things teachers never taught

Things they could know, but never learned from the pain

Instead they hung their heads in shame


We will never be the same

I refuse to let my childhood win, knowing felt like a sin

Having knowledge not taught in books was considered lame

How hurtful that pain must've been


A force to be reckoned with, in a world where my ancestors got raped and lynched

A strong black woman

White, black, purple, orange, I refuse to be any man's wench

I'd love for people to stop blaming the white man for ALL our sin


Hurt doesn't explain what I've been through

As a black young woman, or as a person

It's crazy I have to seperate the two

I think there'd be more peace, if they only knew


I ask you to accept my words, as they are apart of me

Without my own voice I don't know who I'd be

I broke from bondage of being close-minded

All this time, I only wanted to be free


I don't think that you should agree

As this isnt something you've heard

Many will still disagree

As they'd find this absurd


Whatever you prefer is not mine to judge

I promise you I won't hold a grudge

In this life you lose some and win some

At least that's what I've heard


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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