The Contradiction


Size 0,




                     high-cheek-boned models parading around.

Advertisements making beauty seem within reach as long as I

“Get the London look”.

But that’s not what I want.

 Why do we as a society feel the need to make girls hate the way they look,

Only to make a quick profit?


     High quality cell phone cameras

          Photo editing apps

               Clothing for this years’ trend

                    The forever staggering price of beauty continues to increase.

It makes me stop and wonder, what is beauty?

Is it covering my face in makeup to the point where I barely look like myself any longer?

Or is it showing off my sexualized breasts or behind?


When did defining who I am become more of a challenge rather than a simple question?

Who Am I?

Without the pressures of society,

     Without the makeup,

          Without any outside influence,

Who Am I?

I am forever changing,




                    Into the person I am today.

I am


Yet I am also


I am


And in turn I am


I am


While also

                Filled with sadness.

I cannot,

And will not

Try and change who I am,

Nor will I be persuaded by the pressures of society.

I am

Exactly who I am supposed to be,

Right in this moment.

I like to believe I cannot be defined by one simple term,

But in reality,

I am

A contradiction.

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