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Too many times I have flipped to the wrong page Thinking I finally figured my life out But I skip ahead or misread directions or intentions Lord I give up on guessing where this is going
Flowers can't grow without water,  Love can't grow without guidance.  Flowers can't grow with stress,  Love can't grow with hate.    Flowers bloom and die, 
As a young adult looking back on the past, the amount of mistakes made is unfathomable. I feel as if the most important is something we all struggle with everyday. 
The Beauty within us is a gift A gift of  life Life that grants us pain Pain that turns into love Love that has boundaries Boundaries that get crossed
Once upon a time… Oh, how long it’s been since I penned those words. Magic and mystery, anticipation, a story just waiting to happen.  
Ridiculous I was back then. Weak was I back then. No potential even if I stood on top of Kilimanjaro!   Where would I be, if not at 9 years of age I stood on top of my father's shoulders?  
fully embrace every moment every experience every leap of faith keep yourself on your toes.  learn to love the butterflies in your stomach grasp the fact that when you grow up… wait, that’s a myth. 
Music was the first sound heard in the wake of the world's creation When the sound of the first breathes were taken, that was music Music was the sound of water brushing against fresh sandy shores  
I always knew my aunt was a fighter  Since she was a little girl she had been fighting for her life, suffering in health, but exceeding in everything else
There is a cliff, a very steep cliff on the isle of dread and woe. Oft I've stood there on the cliff and gazed at the rocks below. The cliff has stood on the edge of the isle as long as I have known.
When I feel alone she helps me relate To a new world we create Through war and hate our end initiates And until then we meet again  
potential is an ugly word. a pass for the unfocused flowers an excuse "you would be so great if you would only try" "you would be so great if your teachers were better"
i am a giant in a colony of ants so big  yet so insignificant i can carry 5,000 times the pressure of my own body weight yet i only weigh 1 mg
Poetry is free We can all remember the days that you tried to find “me” Looking everywhere to find the right ways For me starting at the young age of sixteen
Life. The Greatest Teacher and the Hardest Test. Life. A Mandatory Meeting and the Party of the Season. Life is many many many things.
as I explored uncharted territory new to me, but only as new as I let it be an audible crash rang deep in my ears and sprung to feed on my childhood fears i was jolted and shook, the walls seemed to know,
Too many roads diverged in a tense arena And I used to wonder what it would be like to travel all. Could I be Engineering? Astrophysics? Analyst? Architect? Chemist?
Under autumn sun and shadow Cool air flows within and without, hands clasping wet earth, surrounded by fallen leaves Ah yes! Autumn leaves; filled with the flames of summer, and the youthful spirit of Spring
 life s like a jar. it does not matter what it is itself the only thing that mater is what you put in it. there is a soul thats holding the jar. a soul that is soft as silk,
The rain drops with steady drips as the man reclines upon his chair. Laying back, throwing slack at the what's back. He lies wearily from a hard day's work. Soft music playing in the background.
Most days it becomes a routine.  Other days it becomes a struggle.  Watching life go on, While stuck and frozen in place.  Wanting to join the world, but too scared to try. 
I was born a eagle. A eagle who loved to fly.   I grew so strong,. I flew so high.   I was soon forced to go to school.
Take me to the world where there is peace all around  The world which has no bounds Where no one hounds The only surface covered with love Where hate is no longer a word
Adventure's of course are held in a book so if life's an adventure where do we look? one might at first think of the mind but if that's true what do we leave behind?  
Dear the Me of old, I am nothing like you Most days I know that I love you Sometimes I feel like I hate you We are very much different but still one in the same
Dear Dad,   Where were you?When mom was working 24/7 to put food on the table. Where were you? When your own flesh and blood came into the world unstable. Where were you?
10th February 2018 To the future I never experienced, The art that man is perfect in God's image is delusional to the mind created by society. My flowers are different than yours as our blessings come at different times. 
  Dear Future Lover,   I hope that you are great and bright, I think about you when nothing goes alright.
I wish I can tell you how life is going to be I wish I can tel you that everything is going to be okay I wish that we could all just live in peace and hormony I wish and I wish but sometimes thats all we can do  
Dear Perfect Stranger Who’s Trying to Help, I’m doing the best I can with the tools I have Just trying to make life go right In a world that seems all wrong
I don’t know when I lost you.. It was way before the rape.. Way before the abuse.. Don’t think I had you to begin with.. I used to think I was watching you fade away..
Jeremiah 29:11 " 'For I know I have plans for you' -Declares the lord- 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope
Dear Life,   My mind’s getting lost, I can’t stop thinking My thoughts went deep and I went sinking My god, god damn, what’s left of me
Saying goodbye To someone you love Is like reading the final page Of an amazing book.  As the last chapter endsYou begin to notice Just how beautiful And perfectThe plot always was.  
Dear Life, Thank you. You have allowed me to be me.  Me: a person, a dreamer, and an optimist. Optimizing the beauty of tomorrow. Tomorrow coming but never arriving, oh, how exciting!
Footsteps, shadows of doctors I wait in pain, punched in the face by reality   The floor, filled with imprints of visitors Fluorescent lights A pulled out couch with uncensored tears,
Dear You, If you are the top paradigm of love, I want to be alone forever, I don't know much, but I know I shouldn't hurt like this.
Majority of the time we are empty We go searching for something unknown We look up, down, left, right We look all around Happiness comes and goes Same with friends we have known
Life is an adventure. An adventure that will continue on whether you take the reins or not. You will experience ups and downs.On this adventure you will get moments where laughter turns to painful sides aches and tender cheeks.
I sat with my glasses off and everything was blurry my heart was exhausted though my mind was in a hurry so I stared at the moon now a fuzzy white light and I sat there awhile
Dear God, Where is my life going, what do you want me to do? There have been so many things that I could say bring me close to You, But they never seem to be the end.  
Dear Future,   At 7 years old you were the promise of breezy days and windy thoughts convinced of my own invincibility.
Dear Depression,   I beg of you to leave this soul of mine to grieve for I cannot take this pain no more for it is difficult to restore the happiness of before.   This pain is killing me
You never write you tell me, So here I am, with pen in hand, Waiting to send you word of my life, To finally end your curiosity.   Should I tell you about the strife I've been feeling,
Living life can be a big tragedy, while at the same time a huge oppurtunity. Making choices, and following orders, keep that up, because your life, is around the corner.
Funny Funny how people scream and shout, opinions that were not asked for.   Funny how people are rude, yet hypocritical when treated the same.  
As I look at the scares on my wrist,I think to myself, ‘You’ve came a long way.’I can’t believe how much pain I took day by day.You were so young back then,Thinking there was nothing to keep you alive
The big guy upstairs is what I like to call him.He has always had my back when I called him.He has always patient with me starting from birth Because I didn't understand who he was and what he was all about.Until I got older and realized he was th
Shot down while I was broken still healing from the words unspoken. As the situations raging, I’m just flipping through His pages. Ultimately His words are the best to find healing and rest.
The arrival of the enigma, Bestowed my contemplations, Through the neat, And the knot, Do you feel the numbers now ? The numbers we once didn’t know of? I ask not , I state not,
Life now a days for some of us it's all party and games, For others it's all about working and achieving our gaols. But did we take a moment to thank God for waking us up to see yet another day in our life ?
Summer gives way to fall, becomes winter Those old joyful days fade with the sunlight Engulfed by the distance, fade fainter May this memory fade to one more bright  
Being cheated on hurts, Like a bullet in the chest Like being run over by a train Any trying to pretend like nothing is Wrong, only makes it worse.
The girl was alone To say the least Her heart was open Her spirit was free The girl felt a flight of fancy As her heart was stolen Whether it be by fate Or by choice
Life, at first, appears endless, Time flowing slowly. Regardless of birth we cling to the vast world Into which we enter with little knowledge of. Life appears fascinating
Inside its cold and dark Pale flesh of a beating heart While remorse of sins tear you apart Calling forth the wind of times Like wind at hand freezing the mind And once again the goosebumps show
The American People I hear again, That is me So I listen.   I hear words, Words I never said or thought Under the label The American People.
Life is full of second chances But our lives equal only one I don't waste mine I promise you I live life to the fullest We should belive Life is beautiful And we all are too
Why do I think that I can't do things  How am I my own least biggest fan I used to think that I could do anything  I used to believe I could hold the world in my hand 
Over the mountain Over the hill Traveling this wide land Year after year   And oh, don’t you know I love you so, forever and ever And oh, don’t you know I love you so, forever and ever
Knew he wasn't the one first time I saw him  Wonder what he thought when he first saw me  But if he's a jerk then I can be a beach  Burnin him for revenge, then I can move on Keeping him forever 
How long does the presence of a lover last? Does it last till I open my legs leading you in with lust is that all you really want? 
You see it was these long nights in the winter   I found out in the fall  We're nearly past the aftermath the breaking point of it all
Your lies are bigger than your fears The voice of your heart which you can't hear Secrets were never meant to be kept But now your soul is trapped
Everything is beautiful. One must see the beauty in everything. Is it entirely necessary, though? The world has its ugly parts, people can sometimes be unforgivable. Is it really necessary to find beauty in everything?
Before you read this, know one thing; I was not myself when I wrote this, and I am not one to write so negatively.
“ CINDERELLA!!!”                        “ CINDERELLA!!!!!!” “ CINDERELLA !!!!!!!”   Here our heroine lies On the floor for the daiy cries
My environment makes me It shapes who I am My environment makes me It shaped who I am My environment makes me It makes it hard to trust friends Saw the other side was green
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust Into the void now you must Ever so quiet Ever at peace Into the glorious light you seek
How did life past In the blink of an eye How did I grow up faster than flies How will I learn To survive Alone in this world
Affirmation Affirmation Affirmation        Seeking attention         Seeking acknowelegement          Seeking proof of my worth Truth Lies Likes                Who am I?
It’s all so unsteady, like the weather in May Where the sun is supposed to stretch its rays But all we get it’s the cloudy days with more rain. I couldn’t keep up with what’s happening,
Same sights, Same classes, Same people, Just the same regular shit, Everything is expected, Everyone is expected, Try to do something different somebody judges you,
I felt my dreams die. Felt the tape on my mouth and hands tied, I couldn't fight to stop it. Just watch it. Everything dropped from a rope. At the drop of a dime, I lost all hope. Now telling white lies that I'll be fine, No way out of this dark a
It's 12:07AM here. I'm thinking about howSome people can listen to laughs in a sea of sadness yet not feel happy for them or marry a heart of blackness after they've already found a rare golden gem. I'm thinking about how A stitch in time saves ni
Life is morbid  like candles flame sizzling out from the cold wind at night that can be lit time and time again  yet eventually it will meet it's end. point is... when will I let mine die?
Darkness, a Titan of uncertainties, holding reins of pain. He whom stifles… He whom suffocates… He whom has not a care… The beholder of lost hopes and of misconceptions. He that wishes for the broken
Dear Future Me,   If you are reading this letter, That means you are in your early twenties. Fresh out of college And eager to start your journey into the world.
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