It's Not Her, It's Me

Dear Life,


My mind’s getting lost, I can’t stop thinking

My thoughts went deep and I went sinking

My god, god damn, what’s left of me

Can’t let negativity get the best of me

Lately I’ve been going through cloudy days

With a little bit of sunshine

But a little bit of sunshine goes a long way

When I’m losing my mind I find a way to stay sane

These thoughts are clouds passing by

Through my mind

Through dark times I become the light I’m trying to find

When storms come I never run

When it comes to problems I face them

I’m never scared, I think fear should face me

Because this has been my philosophy lately:

Life can be a bitch

It’s not her, it’s me, maybe I’m not treating her right

I think I should contribute more to my life.


Yours Truly, Daniel


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