Grain Oat Cereal


The Greatest Teacher and the Hardest Test.


A Mandatory Meeting and the Party of the Season.

Life is





Life is love/fear/hope/anger/sadness all at once.

Life is a celestial body millions of billions of lightyears away that we know exists, but for what?

We don't have a clue.

Poetry is our telescope.

Our magnifying glass.

Our Rosetta Stone for deciphering the enigma unsolved by our ancestors.

Poetry reveals answers, unlocks the feelings of the heart and the mind.

Life is a sprawling mass of puzzle pieces.

But poetry is our friend who laughs at our helpless expression and tells us to start with the corners.

Poetry is a gift and a giver.

And without poetry I may not have seen the joy in life, something to be loved , not taken.

Thanks to poetry I am here in love with life and with myself.

And for that I am forever grateful.


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