Nightly Noise

The rain drops with steady drips as the man reclines upon his chair. Laying back, throwing slack at the what's back. He lies wearily from a hard day's work. Soft music playing in the background. Comfortable he lays, until at once, there came a sound. thud thud thud. Gazing upon the door he becomes quiry of the sound. At suck a dusk hour, there should be no soul at all upon this weary night. Yet his curiosity was peaked to seek the source of such a peculiar noise. Slowly he stalks across the floor and slowly opens the door. Peering out the doorway. Not a body in sight. So, as is only fitting and nature, he closes the door and sulks back to his throne of comfort. Left alone outside the sound of soft, lofty music. Now again lost amongst the wonders of slumped silence and comfort he allows his mind to wonder. Thud thud thud. Once more the sound has drowned out the peaceful slumber descent to a sudden end. Once more he raises to greet whatever foreign body dares to interrupt his peaceful slumber. Now reaching slowly to the handle of his homely entrance. Slowly, almost carefully, he opens the object of non-acquitted noise. Though he is greeted with the same view of prior that braved to possess his rest. Tired of the days and tired of curious sounds he creeps downward unto his bed. Carefully he puts down again his head. There he began to fear and panic. It was then his mind took flight, and his worries would find no respite. Who was upon his doorsteps at such an hour? Who could have been the nightly prowler and, what's more, had he remembered to lock the door? Silently, as if to creep past the guards of sleep and chambers of places unspeakable, he shadowed toward his bedroom door across his creaking floor. Step by step, so as to wake no soul above or below, until at last his hand was but an inch away from the knob kept between him and the unknown world beyond. But alas, alas, the noise! The dreaded, feared, godforsaken noise! Thud thud thud! And so his deepest despair was within fruition as the doorway beyond him and the unknown began to open.


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