Complexities of Beauty

Everything is beautiful. One must see the beauty in everything.

Is it entirely necessary, though?

The world has its ugly parts, people can sometimes be unforgivable.

Is it really necessary to find beauty in everything?

Not everything is beautiful.

Not everything deserves to sustain a title of beauty.

Why is there also negativity in positivity?

Why not have a more reasonable answer without any loopholes?

Why does everything have to be complex,

and things have to be scrutinized and understood before one can have an answer?

And the answer still is not clear?

When one wants to live a life of simplicity one encounters a maze.

Life in itself is complex. 

It is something not meant to be understood or simplified.

Why then do we batter ourselves, torturing each other for a yes or no answer?

Nothing in this life is meant to be easy.

One must encounter some challenges for absolutely no reason?

Is this life then?

If so, is life beautiful?

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